I hail from New Delhi, a traffic jam of visual chaos and mouthwatering food. Having grown up in this complex city with diverse culture, I enjoy observing people. As a designer, I get excited by challenges that involve people from different disciplines. I believe that design has the capability to make everyday situations easier and interesting. To me, the process and journey to attain a design objective matters as that defines the whole purpose and makes design into a ‘functional’ design. It is a tool that I believe I am gifted with, to make a difference. I also love packaging, sketching different kinds of glasses and mugs, a martini glass being my favorite! As much as I love other mediums such as print and film, I more inclined towards interactive design as I get to do a bit of everything under one roof, from graphics to space, even film and animation. A big part of interactive design is creating solutions in the most effective way possible, which is something I enjoyed the most. For my final degree project, I worked with kids as my target audience. I chose this target audience to challenge myself as I believe designing for kids and understanding their needs can be tough yet exciting to overcome. I designed a school program to make health and hygiene care more interactive and fun to learn for kids of ages 7 to 8. Overall, it was a very fruitful experience.