The concept of Feminism may be over a century old but it still remains unclear what it stands for. Recent times have seen Feminism become a hot topic of debate and discussions, so much so that actors, designers, the UN and moreover, fashion and lifestyle brands have joined the band wagon. A Brand like Dove owes its success to its Real Beauty campaign which is one of the most noted but also highly criticized examples of Femvertising. Following in Dove’s footsteps are various other brands like Titan, Tanishq, Ariel and Pantene. Vogue and Chanel are some of the fashion oriented labels that have recently Femvertised. These brands speak to women in a language that empowers them. However, due to the ambiguity surrounding Feminism, brands often fail to impress Feminists with their attempts. This study discusses all that is right and wrong with Femvertising and also elaborates upon why modern Feminism is so complex, misunderstood and exceeds the definition of traditional Feminism which causes a brand to either fail or succeed in its attempt.