I have been holding sketching pencils and brushes in my hands ever since I can recall, but that was restricted only to the times I had nothing else to do. I have always been keen towards the idea of learning something new by observing, reading, experimenting. This curiousness has helped me get out of my comfort zone each time I sit down with a project or a brief in front of me. I find amusement in the simplest of things, which acts like an inspiration for all my designs. I love making minimal, basic, simple things. My camera is my best-friend and photography is a stress-buster. Imagine this. You just woke up, everything around you is packed in a black box. Your television, phone, wardrobe, bed, table and even the last perfume you purchased. How do you feel about that? A room without color, technology, identity and maybe innovation. In simple words, a room without design! The world is filled with these black boxes and as a designer, you have to unpack it with the best that you’ve got. As a Communication Design student I have experienced a great amount of flexibility to communicate an idea. I have learned a lot of different visual languages, I have learned how the same idea can be communicated through various mediums. I like unpacking the black box in a different way each time, by constantly challenging myself to try something new, getting familiar with things outside my comfort zone.