To me, design is freedom; it helps me express myself better. I have always been into very surreal thinking, now that I recall all the stories and games I used to make up, I realize how since the very beginning I was attached to design. Design is like music plays in my head while I travel through different spaces. When I look back, I realize how much I have learnt throughout this creative journey of four years. I enjoy fantasy and the supernatural, which is why the two are in some way or the other connected to all my projects. For my P4 project, I designed a restaurant called “To the Moon”, which had the concept of dining on the moon with the view of planet Earth and stars from there. The restaurant had the look and feel of the moon and 360 degree projection of outer space. For my P5 project, I combined the surreal art form and fairytale to show how surrealism plays a major role in making the fairytales what they are. I am creating an interactive exhibition by taking three surrealistic fairytales and adding my ideas or surrealism to them.