The project is centered around the recent studies that have shown that people form an opinion of a website within the first three seconds of looking at it. If you’re trying to sell a product or service, you should put your best foot forward. It is the first impression your business is making on the potential customer. To give a better experience to the customers, a customer should be able to easily navigate through the site and reach the desired product which they want. Site navigation is an essential element for great product discovery and an easy browsing experience. A simple navigation structure can significantly enhance a visitor’s on site experience. Product find ability is a key to any e-commerce business, if a customer can’t find a product they can’t buy it. Hence it is necessary that if the customer visits the site they are able to easily find the desired products. Providing effective and relevant filtered navigation can make a huge difference to the customer experience; it reduces the amount of cognitive effort required of visitors, and makes it more likely that they will find a product that suits them. The website should be visually attractive to keep the customer engaged and also making the customer desire to return back to the site. Hence the satisfied customers mean huge profits for the company.