The time which is gone but yet not gone .The period which is yet cherished. Revising history which was encountered by “Christian Dior”. His collection named “The New Look”. The “New Look” Collection seemed mesmerizing but mysterious! Fabulous work it was, WHICH enlightened my mind towards the world of fashion. Also the grace and feminity that a woman incorporates within herself.

Rejuvenated with the energy, I wanted to recreate a work by walking on the path of my inspiration. Giving it a thought, just felt that time was great. Colors were floundering, no doubt, but oh! That amazing Black and White shade. His work could do only but inspire. I was completely agog with his ideas, Keeping the old touch, yet portraying a new look.

Creating something which makes difference to the world. In which a women looks bold and beautiful but yet strong and confident.

Somebody stated it right “old is gold”. My ideologies and my imaginations for I know, they are not going to settle with anything less; the “New Generation”.