I am a Designer, Explorer and Learner always searching for something that even I’m not sure about. I believe that having a passion for something is like the baseline to any possible text that appears to rest. I am not only a communication designer. I believe in design thinking.If I decide to design a chair I apply the same strategy of design thinking. I will just have to learn a few rules and tools along the way. I aspire to become such a designer. Design is the most fun when the lines between the different departments begin to blur. Communication has the power to influence how people perceive things. Hence my degree project is an animation (hybrid animationhand drawn and digital animation) about patterns in nature. Nature has adapted and evolved through millions of years. It is not random. In our concrete world we forget to give nature the credit it deserves. It harmoniously follows patterns which we fail to acknowledge. Like every snowflake is unique but follows a six fold symmetry. This is my attempt to influence how people perceive nature.