“Imagination is the highest kite that can fly in the sky”. A simple quote, but one that sums up my four years in Pearl Academy. I entered this college in August 2011 with dreams and ideas that helped me reach the final year. With the guidance of the perfect combination of faculty members and batchmates, I can proudly start my journey in the industry with a set of skills, exposure and experiences. Beginning the course with a wide variety of subjects and assignments, I recognized my interests and strengths, which helped me choose the area of my specialization. Today, I find myself enjoying the field of Graphic Designing and feel confident to take this area forward and explore my capabilities in it. Design for me is a way to express myself without having to explain verbally and in writing. As a graphic designer, my aim would be to experiment with a variety of ideas combined with different methodologies and along this journey, keep interacting with different people to increase my knowledge and experience. Taking a live project to a hypothetical level, my project is about rebranding the Karnal Haveli located on the Delhi- Chandigarh highway. After a site visit, a detailed research on the concept, profile of the visitors, location and numerous discussions, I decided to pick up Punjab culture as the theme for the new look. The current look and the setup in the complex have a mix of Punjab culture and Haveli, which looks disconnected in every aspect of design. Punjab has a culture with variety, color, texture and vibrancy and hence a field with inspiration for various design concepts. Taking the famous Phulkari work, I have designed the logo and the other deliverables keeping in mind my objectives for the project. The main aim is to give Haveli a fresh and modern look with a touch of tradition.