Design for me is something that connects you to your soul. There is no point shaping a design that doesn’t touch you. Secondly, it should be a genuine creation. Design can never be imposed, but only visualized, lived and created. Passion plus creativity is the secret behind a perfect design. I believe the perfect use of creativity takes place when your design solves a prevailing or prospective problem. Design must be genuine, crisp and a problem solver. My project on Royal Enfield was based on an objective to promote the bike brand. The medium used in promotion was exhibited in an auto expo. The space was designed in a manner through which onlookers could get a clear idea of the brand and its unique features. My project on Yamuna Habitat Park was basically aimed at making people aware about the history of river Yamuna. Moreover, the aim was to make people realize how their routine acts were endangering the river. The objective was not just restricted to fact sharing, but equally about suggesting practical ways to keep the river clean and alive for the coming generation.