Sriram Suryanarayanan
User Experience Designer - Storyteller

After graduating from National Institute of Design, Sriram specialized in the domain of User Experience (UX) Design – a field that was relatively new in India during the early part of millennium.

Circa 2000 – Early days of UX

Human Factors International, provided him a strong UX foundation where he learnt the finer nuances of this domain. He was fortunate enough to apply these learnings in diverse industries like Telecom, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare & Hospitality.

Circa 2007 – Evolution of device ecosystem

Samsung Electronics played a key role in this digital renaissance. Sriram joined their Research and Development team which mainly focussed in innovation and ‘Make for India’ products. During this phase, his team won the Zinnov Award for Design Thinking.

Circa 2015 – Centre of excellence, UX

IBM known for its strength in technology transformed itself into a ‘Design-Centric’ organization resulting in the creation of 42+ global design studios. Ranked leaders in Global Digital Marketing Agencies (Gartner, March 2017), we helped our clients in the institutionalization of UX.

Sriram, currently works as an Associate Design Director, Interactive Experiences (IX) - IBM Design Studio. During his spare time, he engages in storytelling, writing articles, mentoring design students and conducts Design Thinking Workshops.

Sriram Suryanarayanan
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