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This PG in accessory design course focuses on different aspects of artificial intelligence, and social impact in entrepreneurial activities brings with it ethical content and emphasizes on designing luxury accessories with a sustainable impact. It enables students to become more tech-savvy and innovative design-preneurs, with exposure to the latest technology and trends.


With their masters in accessory design from Pearl, Students are encouraged to discover the most sought-after high-end technologies and explore how tomorrow’s trends can be applied to the domain of luxury and lifestyle accessories and shape the world of conscious lifestyles. This Postgraduate in accessory design course encourages budding designers in using technology to map and circumvent nature’s degradation and restore balance while still designing a luxury lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions?


Why Masters in Accessory Design?

Our Master's in Accessory Design offers numerous benefits to individuals interested in this field. This postgraduate program focuses on enhancing students' skills in designing and crafting various accessories like bags, jewellery, shoes, belts, and other fashion accessories.

By pursuing a PG in Accessory Design, students acquire advanced knowledge and techniques in designing, materials, production, and marketing strategies, which are vital in the industry.

With a Master's in Accessory Design, graduates can explore career opportunities in various sectors, including fashion, luxury goods, and retail industries. Additionally, the program offers opportunities for research and entrepreneurship, allowing students to create and innovate in the Accessory Design industry.

In conclusion, a postgraduate in Accessory Design from Pearl Academy provides a comprehensive and competitive curriculum that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the Accessory Design industry.


Scope of PG Diploma in Accessory Design course in India?

The scope of a PG Diploma in Accessory Design course in India is vast and promising, with a growing demand for trained professionals in the industry. This course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to design and produce various accessories like jewellery, bags, belts, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

The scope of post graduation in Accessory Design is diverse and includes career opportunities in various sectors, including fashion and luxury goods, export houses, and design firms. Graduates can work as accessory designers, design coordinators, merchandisers, product developers, or entrepreneurs.

Master's in Accessory Design course scope is even broader, with an emphasis on advanced techniques and research-oriented studies. They can also explore opportunities in academia and research, contributing to the advancement of the field. With the growing demand for trained professionals, pursuing a course in Accessory Design can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career.


Why do students choose PG Accessory Design courses as career options?

Students choose PG Accessory Design courses as career options due to the promising career opportunities available in this field. A career in Accessory Design offers a range of options in the fashion and luxury goods industry, including designing, production, marketing, and retailing of accessories like jewelry, bags, belts, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

Furthermore, pursuing Accessory Design as a career can provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field, equipping them with the expertise required to thrive in this industry. The curriculum covers various aspects of accessory design, including design techniques, materials, production, and marketing strategies. 

Accessory design is also a popular choice amongst those who like creative freedom in their work, and prefer to work independently as accessory designers. With the growing demand for trained professionals in the industry, Accessory Design is quickly becoming one of the most promising courses to pursue after graduation.  


Who can join the Pearl Academy PG Accessory design course?

While a design background is beneficial, graduates from any stream can apply to the program. To join the PG Accessory Design course at Pearl Academy, candidates are required to meet certain qualifications. 

  1. Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university in any field.
  2. Apart from a Bachelor's degree, candidates are required to undergo the Pearl Academy Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and General Proficiency Test (GPT). The DAT evaluates a candidate's aptitude for creativity, drawing, designability, observation and imagination, environmental awareness and communication skills. The GPT evaluates proficiency in English, Logical reasoning, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation.
  3. This is followed by a personal interview round where students also get to showcase their design portfolio.

Upon meeting these requirements, candidates can secure a seat in the Accessory Design course offered by Pearl Academy.  


What jobs can you get with a PG Accessory Design Course?

Graduates of a PG Accessory Design course can pursue various roles, including Design Manager, Accessories Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Lifestyle Product Manager and Senior Designer in the fashion and luxury goods industry. A Design Manager leads a team of designers and ensures that products meet brand standards. An Accessories Designer creates designs for accessories such as bags, belts, jewellery, and shoes, while a Senior Designer oversees the design process for a range of accessories. 

Graduates of this course can also go on to work independently as Accessory Designers under their own brand name, or freelance as design consultants for other brands. 

These roles offer challenging and rewarding careers, with opportunities for creativity and innovation. Pursuing a PG Accessory Design course equips graduates with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in this industry.


Our faculty members are the strongest pillars of our 30 years of creative impact. These mentors are life-long learners, eager to dedicate their lives to creating a change for a better tomorrow. They nurture creative minds and bring out the best in them over the years. Every student at Pearl is transformed into a Complete Design Professional with the help of their support, guidance, and mentoring. They and our students together make us who we are. Look at these geniuses. 

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

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  • Mid-level Designer / Senior Designer / Design Manager

  • Merchandiser

  • Design Developer

  • Trend Forecaster

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