Course - Overview

This 2-Year PG Pathway in Fashion Communication is designed for students who wish to develop careers in the fashion industry as fashion journalists, fashion photographers, or even as event designers.

This postgraduate professional programme places a higher emphasis on professional practices within a global context, where individuals are exposed to an industry-focused curriculum through regular interactions with media professionals, along with projects that are aligned to some of the leading fashion publications and fashion brands in the country.

The curriculum offers a project-based approach through a unique combination of fashion and media modules to cater to the professional growth of each student. The curriculum includes photography, fashion illustration, typography, layout design, trends, styling, fashion public relations, fashion films, event design, and the creative use of new digital platforms.

Initially, the course will impart an understanding of the fashion & lifestyle industry that’s affecting fashion communication. It has been designed in a way that it encompasses a gamut of fashion communication tools and fashion studies. A student will become well-versed in fashion terminology, analytical ability, understanding, and media usage. The course is designed to encompass the knowledge of fashion communication through critiquing, films, styling, PR, and events. A cross-module assessment will enable the integration of subject matter across these two modules.

This semester will focus on building a higher level of fashion communication competencies and knowledge, along with developing effective communication skills in students. Meanwhile, the final project provides a golden opportunity for practical learning through the judicious research & application of a given topic. This enables a student to create a unique pathway, obtain a meritorious achievement of one’s final work, and fine-tune themselves so that they can adjust to the life of a working professional.


Fundamentals of Art and Design

The aim of the module is to develop a sense of inquisitiveness and curiosity in students, while also bringing learners from diverse backgrounds to a common platform of design understanding, and – in the process – readying them for design learning across various disciplines. The module aims to develop both visual & design vocabulary in learners. The student is introduced to the concepts of visual language, fundamental theories & principles of design, evolution of art & design, experimentation, and the application of skills. The students learn basic techniques and develop a broad understanding for design development through an all-encompassing process of observation, study, exploration, ideation, and perception. It enables the learner to interpret and analyse visual & textual information to develop a perceptive mind and express their ideas in a comprehensible manner.

Fashion, Culture & Lifestyle

The module will provide an insight into the work of international fashion designers, their philosophies, and their design orientations. It will help develop the skills required to appreciate design, analyse fashion, and develop the skills required to interpret and present basic design ideas in an appropriate manner. The module will give students an understanding of historic, traditional, and contemporary forms and images in the domain of fashion and textiles. They will trace its evolution through different periods and study its impact on one’s lifestyle, along with the influence it has on global economic changes and a socio-cultural environment. This module will give them a proper context to help them understand the industry and how it touches across all cultures of the world. It will also help them grasp and comprehend important fashion terminologies as well.

Fashion Communication – I & II

The module aims to develop writing and visual skills to augment one’s fashion communication skills. It will encourage exploratory work via the judicious use of visual and technical skills.
Students will build upon and utilise the knowledge & skills gained in Semester I – fashion reporting will be taken to the next level by critiquing principles, analysing trends, and designing & applying online media. Previous learnings of editorial illustrations, design techniques, typography, graphic design, and television media will be applied during class assignments and projects. Students will develop their mettle in visualising, representing, and appreciating three-dimensional forms of apparel through fashion styling.

Fashion Public Relations – I & II

The module introduces the student to concepts in public relations and brand management (brand positioning, brand building, and measuring), as applied to the fashion system. Students will understand how to contextualise international fashion systems, as used by global fashion brands. They will be introduced to the concepts of luxury fashion brands, strategies, and public relations, specific to the evolving trends of luxury fashion. In this module, students will also be introduced to event design tools and principles, that will be applied for the creative conceptualisation of events for fashion & luxury brands.

Broadcast Media & Fashion – I

The module aims to help develop your observation skills and obtain an understanding of the basics of the audio-visual medium, providing you with the skills to create audio-visual concepts specific to the fashion domain. Understanding the dynamics of the television newsroom will be an integral part of said module.

Fashion Communication – III

The module will build on the knowledge and skills gained in Level 1. Fashion Reporting will be taken to the next level that is critiquing principles, trend analysis, design & application of online media. Previous learnings of editorial illustration, techniques, graphic design and typography and television media will be applied during class assignments and project.
Students will develop skills of visualization, representation and appreciation of three-dimensional forms in apparel through fashion styling and conceptual events.

Broadcast Media & Fashion – II

The module aims to build on the knowledge and skills gained in Semester 2 by developing a critical understanding of how the audio-visual media operates. The module will enable students to execute high-order communication solutions by developing a thorough understanding of the different needs in the fashion industry. Previous learnings in television media will be applied during various class assignments and projects.

Industry Internship

The internship exposes students to prevalent commercial and industrial practice and reinforces theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It helps develop the ability to work as an effective and willing member of a team and sharpen problem-solving skills and provide an understanding of the pressures of the fast-moving media industry.

Industry-Based or Live Project

Industry Projects will expose the student to prevalent commercial and industrial practices, while also reinforcing theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It will help develop the ability to work as a productive and willing member of a team by sharpening problem-solving skills and providing a broad understanding of the pressures involved in a fast-moving media industry.

Final Project

The module aims to draw upon and integrate the learning of the modules completed in Semesters 1 to 3 and applying these to identify, create, and customise fashion media solutions.


Prof. Chowdhury is an eminent media academic who currently heads the School of Media at Pearl Academy. He has established himself as a distinguished personality in the field who has spearheaded some of the finest media institutes in the country. He is known for his comprehensive research and remarkable learning techniques, which can be seen in the fact that he introduced the concept of convergence in media education.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Fashion Journalists

  • Fashion PR Professionals

  • Fashion Editors

  • Fashion Event Designers

  • TV Producer

  • Social Media Strategist

  • Fashion Photographer