Course - Overview

This programme covers multiple aspects of data science and AI, from machine learning to big data analytics and ethics in AI. You will also work on your leadership skills and digital business competencies such as digital marketing and innovation management. With this diverse and valuable skill set, you will be an asset to any future-oriented company. This unique combination of technology and business which will help you keep a competitive advantage in the job market and advance into a future-oriented career in a global company or innovative start-up.

The course is most unique in its own way as it provides the student Global Degree and will open up a doorway to great careers in the Industry. The course provides process driven learning to the students in the form of both practical and classroom hands on experience to understand AI, ML and Digital by especially designed innovative modules which will help them in strategizing in much enhanced ways.

The students will get the benefits of Master Classes by global experts, international faculty, International internships, and mentoring from experts from the industry. To top this up students will also get real time learning and international experience with international work visa of 18 months for positions specified below in the Career path section.

With interactive session plans, the course also presents access to a wealth of online resources, global industry experts, faculty and alumni mentorship, to support more holistic learning in the national and international digital space. The course will enable the students to be prepared for innovative job roles in marketing, innovation, strategy, data sets, start-up management, amongst others in the creative industry, with a hands-on approach to learning.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Systems analyst

  • Machine Learning Researchers

  • AI Engineer

  • Data Mining and Analysis

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer.

  • Data Scientist

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • AI Architect

  • Business Intelligence Developer

  • Big Data Engineer

  • Financial analyst

  • Healthcare analyst

  • Machine learning analyst

  • Social data analyst

  • Insurance underwriting analyst

  • Digital marketing analyst

  • Digital marketing professional

  • Digital advertising

  • Content manager

  • SEO analyst

  • Search and analytics executive

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