Course - Overview

Visit tomorrow, “today”. Available at Pearl Academy’s Delhi-South and Mumbai campuses, this course is an inimitable combination of both Artificial Intelligence technology and Digital Business. The job roles across the industry verticals in the near future will clearly revolve around AI, Big Data, IoT, E-Business and Digital Marketing.

In order to be future relevant, PG in Digital Business is a Global Program offered in association with GISMA (Germany). Students will get to finish their first year at Pearl Academy in India and then can opt to move to GISMA in their second year for pursuing the specialisation. Students who move to Germany will get an 18-month work visa in Germany. Students who wish to stay back can attend the second year online with GISMA and get a GISMA degree but will not get a work permit for Germany. Students can also choose to continue their second year at Pearl to get a diploma from Pearl Academy.

By taking our Digital Business Course you'll learn how to lead complex transformation at companies with workforces that range from 500 to several hundred thousand in size. You will innovate, digitize and transform.

You will learn that while Cloud, Mobile, the Internet of Things and Robotics, etc. can bring about the most rewarding business transformations when used strategically, only through the innovative convergence of digital technologies can companies truly transform through new business models and ways of working.

The course is “matchless” as it provides the student with a Global Degree that will open up a doorway to AI and E-Business and great careers in Digital Business. The course provides process-driven learning to the students in the form of both practical and classroom hands-on experience to understand AI and E-Business by specially designed innovative modules.

The course comes with leading industry partners and students will get the benefit of attending masterclasses by global leaders, international faculty, international internships and mentoring from experts from the industry.

New paradigms created by Flipkart and Ola using E-Business technology are some examples of career prospects. The career paths involve roles as Insights Manager, Data-driven Managers or E-Business Initiatives Manager, Digital Business Manager, Digital Strategy and E-commerce Manager, and Web Analyst, across all industry verticals and across all departments.

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