Course - Overview

Interior Design & Styling program is designed for learners seeking professional expertise with an impactful creative delivery. With design thinking, innovation and global industry practices at its core, this postgraduate (PG) course in interior designing course mentors students as industry-ready professionals who exhibit independence, resourcefulness, responsibility and team-working skills in a variety of space-design in Interior Design & Styling scenarios within domestic and overseas industry.

Besides a hands-on-experience, deep insights & technical skills, this masters in interior design course also imparts training with a focus on design thinking and innovation through conceptualization, ideation, research, exploration, and application. Interior Design and Styling course helps students develop research and analytical abilities to understand the design industry along with the business environment and develop a personal style that is unique to them.


Fundamentals of Art and Design, Material and Construction Techniques I; Representation Techniques 1; Design and styling studio l; Craft and Textiles; Material and Construction Techniques ll; Representation Techniques ll; Design and styling studio ll

Furniture and Elements; International Lab experience/ International Project ; Material and Construction Techniques lll; Design and styling studio lll; Business Studies and Portfolio; Set Design and VM; Final Project;


Our faculty members are the strongest pillars of our 28 years of creative impact. These mentors are life-long learners, eager to dedicate their lives to create a change for a better tomorrow. They nurture creative minds and bring out the best in them over the years. Every student at Pearl is transformed into extraordinary leaders with the help of their support, guidance and mentoring. They and our students together make us who we are. Take a look at these geniuses.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

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  • Interior Design Firms

  • Art Direction in Cinema and advertising

  • Window Dressing in Retail Industry

  • Event Design, Realtors and Property Developers

  • Corporate Companies requiring in-house design consultant

  • Interior Stylists.

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