Course - Overview

The postgraduate diploma in Jewelry Design is focussed on learning the skill sets

required for design and making of jewellery objects, as well as marketing and

management principles, which guide both the successful development and deployment

of jewellery vis-à-vis new markets and business. The program is unique as it integrates a

creative, rigorous course of study with business logic, economic rationality, global reality,

and design thinking. Students in Pearl Academy Post Graduate Jewellery Design will

acquire and develop creative abilities, including knowledge and skills related to design

fundamentals; making techniques & manufacturing; understanding of traditional and

contemporary Jewellery design. Students will learn various paradigms of Jewellery

industry related to sourcing & merchandising; supply chain management; design & brand

strategy; brand marketing and management, and, cost and value analysis. They will

emerge with advanced attributes, competencies, and capabilities to excel in the

ecosystem of a rapidly evolving Jewellery industry. Students will apply creative thinking, in

combination with strategic, sustainable, future-oriented business and economic

perspective; experiment with new contexts; new collaborative structures and innovative

project settings. They will initiate, implement, and participate in real-life projects with

partners in creative industries.

Skills & Knowledge

Learn and acquire requisites of - Jewellery Design, Design Thinking, Sustainable Design,

Precious & nonPrecious Materials, Design Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Design Strategy,

Trends & Forecasting, CAD-CAM Tools, Digital Fabrication, Business & E-commerce,

Supply Chain Management, Finance & Entrepreneurship, Jewellery Marketing & Brand

Management, Merchandising & Sourcing.

Uniqueness of Course

  • Industry experienced faculty with both domestic and international education and


• Bespoke mentoring for each young professional to discover and pursue

their inclinations and build a versatile career.

• Access to design and industry experts

  • Industry Integrated projects • Access to a well-equipped maker space for mechanical and

digital fabrication • Exploration and training in a wide variety of materials and their

applications • Multi-disciplinary peer learning • Professional, dynamic and open learning





  • Jewellery Designer • Supply Chain Manager • Vendor Management • Sourcing Expert
  • Jewellery Business Expert • Jewellery Marketing Expert • Researcher and forecaster
  • Trends and forecast analysts • Category Buyer/Manager • Entrepreneur • Brand Manager