Course - Overview

Cross-disciplinary program for students who aspire to work in the burgeoning field of

user experience and interaction design.

From the many apps on our smartphones to the high-powered software we use at work,

humans are interacting more than ever with computing devices. The work of the

interaction designer is to create meaningful relationships between these product-service

systems and the people who use them.

The importance of user experience has come into sharp focus in the last decade, due to

rapid technological advancement, and the proliferation of this technology into all aspects

of lives - from our homes and work spaces, to daily as well as specialized tasks, and even

the mediation of our relationships and social structures.

However, the supply of qualified UX designers, has not kept pace with the huge demand

for them. The User Experience and Interaction design program at Pearl seeks to address

this imbalance and produce skilled designers ready to hit the ground running as soon as

they enter the industry, and deliver starting right from day one.

This two-year post-graduate diploma is open to applicants from all backgrounds,

including those who have minimal software experience. The program will equip students

to build highly usable and desirable digital products based on a human-centered design

methodology. Students will learn topics spanning the areas of digital platform design,

visual design, emerging technologies, and human behavior, among others.

In addition to undergoing classroom instruction on technical skill development and

theoretical and philosophical frameworks, all students will get steady hands-on

experience through projects where they will go through all aspects of the design process

- from research, problem definition, development, testing, all the way to delivery.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • UX Designer

  • UI Designer

  • UX Analyst

  • UX Researcher

  • Digital Experience Designer