Course Overview

The Celebrity Styling and Wedding Industry is growing at a phenomenal pace in India. Many people are looking for professional makeup services in this field. Many leading global brands are seeking to enter the Indian market, which can be seen in the rapid entry of major international salon chains and cosmetic brands in India – a situation that’s arising mainly due to a willing and growing consumer set. The upcoming international trends in the beauty industry when it comes to looks and personal grooming are widely accepted in this course. The changing market conditions have bolstered the demand for highly competent beauty professionals who can take up key positions as Celebrity Makeup Artists& Hair Stylists and Bridal Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists.

The exclusively designed curriculum of Celebrity & Bridal Hair and Makeup, with technical assistance from the London College of Fashion, offers an intensive conceptual and practical study, along with training through visual communication and its application in the makeup & hair styling industry through classroom lectures, lab work, assignments, and research projects. The course emphasises on intensive practical & applied training in core areas.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

  • Celebrity Hairstylist

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Bridal Hairstylist

  • Bridal Makeup Artist

  • Beauty Consultant

  • Stylist Assistant