Experiential Marketing & Event Management Courses - Overview

This one-year postgraduate course is co-developed and co-certified by Pearl Academy and the Event & Entertainment Management Association – India’s largest and premier industry body.

The program focuses on direct communication channels through events and creating experiences through roadshows, branded events, IPR events, corporate events, social-political events, religious events, international events, televised events, and anything else along the same lines. It trains the talent necessary for business development in the event space, client servicing, sponsorship sales, event design, budgeting & operations management, event laws & permissions, integration with mass media & social media, and event documentation & archiving.

Participation in Dubai Films Fest, Dubai Shopping Fest, Fashion Festivals in several cities abroad, and the Amsterdam Art Fest is facilitated and encouraged for student visits, along with their course tutors.

The growing event industry is estimated to be valued around Rs 30,000 crore, which includes branded large events, weddings, festivals, family events, or any event which engages vendors and professionals. The existing courses offer basic training on some technical skills and vendor management. Pearl Academy’s PG Professional Certificate course in Events & Experiential Marketing trains students in the domains of leadership, business development, and creative integration with brand aspirations.

Individuals participate in several ad-mad contests, marketing case-study contests, business case-study contests, and creative marketing contests, organised by IIMs, MICA, some corporate houses, and NGOs during this two-year course.

The course is a blend of knowledge, creative skills, & practical training with EEMA, supplemented with internship and event organising projects with corporates, entertainment outlets, and media companies.

Since it is an EEMA-partnered course, the members of this industry body – including all leading event agencies of the country – will potentially provide placements and job offers to a batch of 30 to 50 students every year.

Stalwart speakers from EEMA, representing various organisations and different functional areas of specialization in the events and experiential marketing domain, will conduct 200 sessions of 2 hours each.

Through such exchange programmes, Pearl Academy ensures that the students learn not only the technical aspects of the domain, but also familiarise themselves with a new culture. In 2016, over 80 students were a part of the exchange program to Domus Academy, Milan. These students were from all 3 centres and studied various PG courses like Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Interior Design & Styling, Luxury Brands, Fashion Communication, Communication Design, and Fashion Styling & Image Design.


  • Understanding Events and Experiential Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Brand Communication, and the Role of Events.
  • Conceptualising and Marketing Events through the 5 Cs – Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Closeout.
  • Event Content & Design, and the use of Software, Event Technicals, Terminology, and Technology.
  • The Business of Events – Budgeting and Revenue.
  • Event Management on D-Day.
  • Event Trends of the Future – Sustainability, Technology, and Connected Events.
  • Event Coverage, Documentation, Audit and Evaluation – 10 Industry Case Studies You Should Know
    Major Media Project: Create an event execution and marketing plan on a chosen specialisation.
  • Event Venue design software: 3D Max, Photoshop, CorelDRAW


Mr. Viveck Vaswani, Actor, Producer, Teacher, Writer, and the man who famously gave Shahrukh Khan his big break in Bollywood. An alumnus of Campion School and Cathedral and John Connon, Viveck started off with acting in India's first TV soap opera 'Khandaan'. He then produced a Marathi film called 'Kis Bai Kiss', and a major television serial called 'Nai Dishayen. He has acted in more than a 100 films and numerous television shows. He has produced 13 films and 2 television shows. Viveck Vaswani has been Advisor/ Consultant/ Strategist to a number of established companies as well as startups in the entertainment business.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Event Business Developers

  • Event Client Servicing Managers

  • Event Designers

  • Event Creative Producers

  • Event Operations Managers

  • Event Sponsorship Sales Managers

  • Event Presenters on Stage

  • Event Finance Managers

  • Event Technical Operations Managers