Course - Overview

In the Data Analytics and Digital Marketing course, students will learn to translate business strategies into marketing plans. The three-year undergraduate programme allows students to master the implementation of social media and the creation of digital content for effective marketing campaigns. Learners will explore digital media tools, including mobile platforms and SEO optimisation strategies.
The programme is tailored to illustrate the fundamental concepts of digital business, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Students will learn how to define relevant data and the best ways to collect them. With increased emphasis on AI and ML topics, students will get familiar with their significance and working.

The students will also acquire a 360-degree understanding of the industry. The course will culminate into a final capstone project.


Semester 1: Fundamentals of Marketing; Digital Marketing Communications; Data Collection and Analytics using Statistical Software; Business Communication

Semester 2: Social Media Marketing; Introduction to SEO & SEM and Email Marketing; Introduction to Database - SQL; Introduction to Python

Semester 3: Search Engine Marketing & SEO (Advance) & Video Marketing; Entrepreneurship & New Venture; Advanced Data Analytics; E-Commerce

Semester 4: Live Industry Experience Lab; International Experience Lab

Semester 5: Advanced Google Analytics & ORM; Media Planning Agency Structure and Advance Digital; Advanced E-Commerce Site Building & Marketing; Visualization Using Tableau

Semester 6: Final Capstone Project (Industry Problem Solving Problem)

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Digital Marketing Manager - SEO Expert

  • Digital Transformation Expert

  • Data Analytics Exper

  • Data Visualizer

  • Content Manager

  • Content Marketing

  • E-Commerce Expert etc.

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