Course - Overview

The field of marketing is constantly evolving as newer platforms and technologies replace conventional media. For today’s marketers, expertise in digital and social media is literally non-negotiable as most ad spends have moved to the world od bits. The Digital & Social Media program at Pearl seeks to prepare graduates for this booming field and make them instantly employable as they step out into the real world.

Suring the course of this program, you will learn how business strategy is translated into marketing plans, how to implement strategies for social media, and create digital content for effective marketing campaigns. If you are both creative and analytical, are a good communicator, and have a knack for spotting trends, this program will be the right fit for you. As you learn the timeless fundamentals of marketing in your first year, you will also be exploring digital media tools including mobile platforms and SEO optimization strategies. Further, you will learn how to effectively develop social media tactics and integrate them into an organization’s overall communication strategy.