Course - Overview

Get industry-ready with our new Global Program in Digital Business Management.

In the fast-paced digital world, this undergraduate program is positioned to help the students acquire a new perspective of Digital Business Management on a global scale. A balanced approach combining theory with practice will equip the students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s highly connected business world. The program focuses on a comprehensive course structure, which includes:

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Data Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Social Media

With interactive sessions, the course also presents access to a wealth of online resources, global industry experts, faculty and alumni mentorship, to support more holistic learning in the national and international digital space. The course will enable the students to be prepared for innovative job roles in marketing,  innovation, strategy, data sets, start-up management, amongst others in the industry, with a hands-on approach to learning.

It is currently available at Pearl Academy’s Delhi-South, Mumbai and Bengaluru campuses.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Communications and Digital Specialist

  • Digital Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Internet Marketer

  • Content Manager

  • Web Developer

  • Social Media Co-ordinator

  • Pricing Analyst

  • Marketing Co-ordinator

  • Market Analyst

  • Product Manager

  • Distribution Manager

  • Purchaser/Buyer

  • Operations Manager

  • Quality Supervisor

  • Online Support

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