Course - Overview

Exploring the power and impact of spatial design to understand and transform existing spaces in a social, cultural, sustainable and contemporary setting forms the core of the Interior Design course at Pearl Academy.  In a technologically transforming ecosystem where design problems are multiple and challenges are complex, our course encourages students to take creative risks. They design spaces that blend real-world requirements with innovative solutions, to shape holistic spatial experiences.

 International exposure, career mentoring by top industry experts and live projects are designed to hone the skills and learnings of students. The course aims to develop the ability to experiment, conceptualize, and detail functional and aesthetic spaces in which the final design solutions may not be singular, but divergent in nature.

Fusing boundaries and crossing disciplines with a combination of problem-solving skills and creativity are integral to this course and we create skilled professionals who are adaptable and well equipped to navigate through a constantly evolving future.  The learning is project-based, with options to explore the functional, technical, and planning aspects of Interior Architecture, along with the stylistic, aesthetic, and thematic elements of Interior Design.

Students' Work

Have a glance at some of the stellar work executed by our students.


With a career spanning over 35 years in the design industry, Alex Velasco is an expert in design education, product design and design thinking. He has taught design students in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Georgia and India. He attained a Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship for post graduate study (1993) and has been awarded the South African Bureau of Standards design award (2000).