Course - Overview

Program that teaches students to create games from concept to finished product using software and design tools.

India has long been known for its gems and jewellery industry, especially in the areas of design, manufacturing and exporting. With the advent of online commerce, this industry has received a new wind in its sails with not only established players expanding their presence, but new, niche players joining the fray as well. The specialized jewellery design program at Pearl is designed to cater to this next set of designers and manufacturers in the country. By providing them structured instruction in not only the fundamentals of this field, but also its commercial side the program will develop graduates ready to work at any part of the jewellery value chain.

Students in the jewellery design program will first build their basics of stone cutting, engraving, polishing, and quality testing of precious metals, stones, and gems. They will learn to use design software so that they can build virtual prototypes and conduct user testing. They will further learn the business side by developing jewellery design themes, creating whole presentations and building costing models. In summary, students of this program will develop a deep understanding of the three critical components of jewelry-making: technical, aesthetic and commercial.

Finally, through Pearl’s collaborations with the design industry at large, students will undergo internships at design and manufacturing houses, and get opportunities to display their work at exhibitions.