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As the word suggests, this specialism pertains to the design of accessory objects that define someone’s style of living. It pertains to understanding users’ personal preferences, way of living & style in order to create works of design. Design that functionally and aesthetically complements, enhances, highlight and define users’ themselves or their immediate surroundings. Lifestyle accessory specialism gives a student the opportunity to explore and create a wide variety of wearable as well as non-wearable accessory objects. This includes the design of Bags, Shoes, Watches, Eyewear, Home Décor Objects, Craft Objects, Office Accessories, Giftware, and Tableware. A student is trained to understand users, markets, and trends and work with a wide variety of materials and techniques encompassing the design and making of objects that define a lifestyle.


Visual Culture | Material Culture | Media Culture | Design Culture

Design Culture & Language | Material and Making | Basic Design Representation | Design Methodology | Materials and Production | Advanced Design Representation
Object & Body (Leather Accessories) | Object Stories (Table Top Accessories)

Conscious Luxury + New Materials | International Experience | Industry Live Projects | Envisioning Design Directions | Mass Customisation | Small Scale Manufacturing | Footwear Design| Visual Merchandising& Packaging |

Business Tools for Designers | Social Enterprise Projects | FutureLabs | Developing Specialised Product(s) | Career Mentoring | Final Design Projects | Making A Professional Portfolio Every student will undergo a Professional Practice and Final Project session before their final portfolio display.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Accessory Designer

  • Luggage/Footwear Designer

  • Trend Researcher

  • Design Trend Forecaster

  • Lifestyle Designer

  • Craft Design Specialist

  • Accessory Design Blogger

  • Accessory Design Educator

  • Material Specialist

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