Course - Overview

The UX UI design course aims to teach students to enter the communication design industry with theoretical, technical, and business knowledge. This UX UI design course equips students to apply principles of design to a range of communication challenges across different media, formats and contexts. Students learn to understand people in their socio-cultural settings and to devise strategies that lead to well designed communication products, systems, services and experiences.

UX & UI Design: The course seeks to address the rising demand for designers who can create meaningful interactions between humans and technology. The growth of the tech industry should meet the advancements in design practice. Graduates from this program will be equipped with knowledge of visual design, human behaviour, systems thinking, emerging tech, programming, as well as the practical know-how to deliver on the job. The user experience (UX) design course will equip students with the specialized skills to build desirable product-service ecosystems, digital products and holistic experiences based on a human-centred design methodology. The curriculum equips students to follow through on the complete product development cycle: from problem definition all the way through delivery and evaluation.        


Natural & Built Environment; Body & It's Extension; Design Abilities 1; Immersion Lab 1; Culture, History & Narratives; Identity, Memory & Imaginations; Design Abilities 2; Immersion Lab 2

History of Design, Design Basics, Image Making, Basic Digital Tools, Signs and Symbols, Intro to User Research and Ethnography, Intro to UXD Practices, Crafting User Experiences

Information Design and Data Visualisation, UID Basics, UID Advanced, Creative Coding and Core Principles of Programming, Research Design, System Design, Industry/International Experience Project, Physical Computing

Speculative Design, Professional Ethics, Social Enterprise Project, Portfolio, Design Management, Major Project

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • UX Design Agencies

  • E-commerce

  • Gaming and Entertainment

  • Banking and Insurance

  • Automotive Industry

  • Design Studios

  • Ad Agencies

  • Research Labs and Technology Centres

  • IT companies

  • Corporate houses/ Multi-national companies

  • Game design studios

  • Entertainment industry

  • Education and Edutainment

  • Design Studios

  • Digital and New Media Design Houses

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