Apurv Prakash
Associate Professor

Apurv has nearly 16 years of work experience as an Architect and Interior Designer, which includes almost 9 years of experience in Design Education. His educational background includes Masters of Architecture from University of Houston, USA and Bachelor of Architecture from University of Pune, India. He has been actively involved in research work and has published papers and articles. He is involved in innovative teaching methodology and mentoring students in Design projects. He is passionate about Designing. Apurv has won the ‘Principals & Teachers Award’ in 2019 awarded by ‘Simply Jaipur’, India and a Top Graduate Student Award in 2010, awarded by American Institute of Architects at University of Houston. Apart from the Academic rigour, he also practices independently as an Architect and Interior Designer under the firm name Apurv Design Solutions.

Apurv Prakash
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