The People

The biggest strength of Pearl are its people, rest is mere detail. We believe that our employees are our strongest asset. It is believed that getting great people on board is half the battle won. We give a lot of focus to the growth of an individual at Pearl. We strive to provide an open, transparent and fun culture at Pearl Academy. We have created employee friendly HR policies that help them to perform their best. We also have well defined customized development programs for academic and non-academic staff and at different levels.

Laureate Connect

We became a part of Laureate International Universities in 2011. The connect with Laureate has given us access to some of the best practices followed in different areas viz. teaching, sales, marketing, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting.

We have a customized online performance management system for our employees, best in class ERP software for sales & marketing, advanced technological tools for online teaching delivery, best finance & accounting practices.

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Training & Development

We can proudly say that we have the heart of academicians. Pearl Academy believes in investing time and effort on its people.

  • Faculty Development Opportunities – A dedicated department- Academic Development Office looks after the training needs of faculty members. The department identifies training requirements of faculty members in areas of functional domain and works with Human Resources department on content output and delivery.
  • SAMVAAD – Samvaad (dialogue) is our annual event where the complete academic and senior non-academic team goes for an offsite. The objective is to have a dialogue on several internal and external agendas which include growth, quality and employability pedagogy. During the event, awards are also given to individuals and department for excellence in both academic and non-academic arenas.
  • Following are some more interventions:

    Type Description
    Institutionally organized events Each School in the Academy may annually organize a developmental event for all its faculty members at all campuses. In July 2014, the School of Fashion, Textiles, Styling and Promotion organized a 3-day workshop with the renowned Japanese creative pattern-maker, Mr Shingo Sato.
    On-line pedagogic courses Laureate has a facility for the pedagogic development of facu lty through enrolment in online courses. Successful participants receive certificates of completion. The courses are for free.
    Industry attachment Faculty are encouraged to undergo industry attachment periodically for updating themselves on industry practices and new developments
    Overseas deputation Through partnered arrangements faculty are deputed overseas for upgrading teaching and pedagogics practice.
    Specialized inputs Academy organizes training and development for building leadership and management skills and core competencies.
    Skill up gradation Training in specific skills for upgradation identified during performance appraisal.

    Organizational Interventions

    • Lakshya – (Target) – is our coaching and mentoring program for our senior leadership. The program helps the members in developing their leadership and managerial skills through self- realization, 360 degree feedback, EQi psychometric assessment and team activities.
    • Udaan- (Soar High) – is a program to develop next generation leaders in the organization. The program identifies the candidates and takes them through a journey which helps in developing various business competencies.
    • Other Soft Skills & Behavioral Training – various other trainings are held based on the requirements of the domain and individual.
    • There are faculty members who are teaching English language to our junior staff like lab technicians.
    • The coordinators are trained on Microsoft Office tools – to increase their efficiency at work.

Hiring Process at Pearl

Everyone who joins Pearl Academy is our brand ambassador. The Human Resources department aims to create an open, fun, transparent and inspiring culture at the Academy. Hence, these are the key descriptors for the Human Resources department while hiring people. Pearl Academy already has a very versatile team in place and is growing rapidly.

Various initiatives taken:

  • Approach apt people from the industry to establish brand connect and explain them the vision of Pearl Academy. The purpose is to find a common ground and forge a long term relationship.
  • Every potential candidate goes through at least three rounds of hiring process – Human Resources Round, Operational Round, Hiring Manager Round
  • Our hiring process is also aided by psychometric tests and analysis
  • Our academic candidates also go through an additional round of “Demo Lecture” where the feedback of the students are taken into consideration.

Employee Engagement

Be it anytime of the year, we promise you will be part of various fun and frolic activities at Pearl Academy. Whether it is Republic Day, World’s AIDS Days, Sports Week, Holi, Diwali, Teacher’s Day, Family Day – we are always in a celebration mode.

Current Openings

At Pearl Academy, we are looking for someone who is ready to take risks, is a go-getter, flexible and is a self-starter ..

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