Jaipur Design Carnival
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Jaipur Design Carnival

Design Carnival (Jaipur edition) is an annual festival. The idea of the carnival is to bring various fraternities of design, art and culture together in celebration, collaboration & showcase of ideas, opinions & creative expressions and to encourage cross-pollination of past and the future.

Design Carnival seeks to establish itself as an exciting and highly energetic interactive space for creative aspirants, thinking individuals & young talent from the entire country. The objective of the carnival is to inculcate limitless creative sharing and thought exchange between the young and the experienced.

The carnival is committed to engage with the creative community at large and illuminate the delight that design can bring to the forthcoming generations.

Please stay tuned for updated information on the Design Carnival. There will be many exciting activities - workshops, conversations, exhibitions, craft demonstration and musical evening.

The registration for the carnival opens on 26th April 2017. Entry by Registration only

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