Date: 23rd - 27th Sep, 2019
Venue: Pearl Academy - A-21/13, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase II, Near Shadipur Metro Station New Delhi – 110028.

“Business Week” organized by School of Fashion, Department of Business, Pearl Academy.

Weeklong event to participate in various activities & competitions from 23rd September to 27th September, 2019 open for 11th, 12th & Undergraduate Students.

Day 1:

Event 1:
Ad Mad show
Advertisement Making Competition- the School students have to showcase their creativity in Marketing products and services. Students in group of minimum three and maximum four have to present a humorous & conceptual ad . Students will act out on various advertisement script and ideas relevant for different sectors including FMCG product, while goods, services, automobiles and social awareness etc.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 11:00 am onwards

Day 2:

Event 2:
Innovative Business Idea/ Business Plan
Group of two students will have to come out with an Innovative Business idea and business plan .The students will also submit a written document describing the nature of the business, the sales and marketing strategy, and the financial background, and containing a projected profit and loss statement.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 9.00 am onwards

Event 3:
Product Packaging Design
The students in group of two will be asked to create an exterior of a product. Which will be given to them on the spot. The students can choose the form, graphics, colors and fonts. Material for packaging will be provided to the students.
Rules and Regulation

Day 3:

Event 4:
Visual Merchandising
The students in group of five will be allotted a space where they have to visually display the product. The theme of the Visual display will be shared by first week of September.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Event 5:
Wabi Sabi
Student in group of two will be asked to create a product of their choice out of recyclable items and "trash." Each group will be given a limited amount of bonding materials, such as duct tape, string. This activity addresses the importance of reuse and encourages students to look at ways they can reuse items they would otherwise throw away.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 9.00 am onwards

Day 4:

Event 6:
Mannequin styling Competition
Group of two students will be given a Mannequin and fabric which they have to style based on the concept given on the spot.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Event 7:
Debate competition
From each school team of two students can participate one supporting their solution and one opposing it.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 9.00 am onwards

Event 8:
Talent Hunt
It is an individual activity, The participants have to brand themselves, It should be a combination of your interests, beliefs, values, talents, skills - and everything else that makes you unique.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 9.00 am onwards

Day 5:

Event 9:
Brand Quiz
Quiz is related to different brands, the rules will be shared shortly. Each team should consist of three members.
Rules and Regulation

Time: 9.00 am onwards

2.00pm onwards Prize & Certificate distribution

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