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What’s Creative kickstart?

An online session that will help you get insights into your course through a one-on-one interaction with mentors and faculty, exciting videos on the curriculum and life at Pearl, and intriguing workshops that will help you hone a new skill set related to your area of interest.

What should you look forward to?

  • Meeting a career advisor who will guide you through this exciting journey
  • Hearing the Dean’s message on Life@Pearl
  • Getting clarity on your course curriculum and difference between courses from the Head of Department
  • Attending an intriguing workshop of your choice
  • Access to exclusive course specific content on our Mobile app
  • Certificate from Pearl Academy on completion of the session


5th July | 4 PM


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1.Sustainable Living


"Understanding Sustainable interiors and how we can Design with care We are amidst unprecedented times. Mutating viruses, rapid climate change and depleting ozone layer have put a question mark on the future of humanity and its survival. In this scenario, we can no longer stay oblivious to the lasting impact of our daily choices. But all may not be lost. A million small but measured steps could alter our collective future. Small measures targeted towards sustainable living and a more sustainable lifestyle can make a significant difference to our personal well-being and our environment.

This workshop will introduce students to the concept of sustainable interiors and how one can implement it while designing for a better living environment for the future. We will be discussing how as an initial step towards making our spaces sustainable, we as individual creative people can adapt our environment accordingly.

Materials Required

1. Laptop or phone with camera and a stable internet connection. 2. 3 -4 old magazines 3.glue / scissors 4. A/4 Plain white paper.
5. set of pencil

2.Augmented Reality


The technology trend that changed the way we see, hear and feel the world around us. Virtual Reality.  From the heavy wearables of 80s to the sleekest mobile phones, virtual reality has seen quite the transformation. Know the principle and functionality of the fascinating variety of Augmented Reality and make your own reality yourself. No code needed.

Materials Required

1. Laptop or phone with a camera and a stable internet connection. 2. 3 -4 old magazines 3. glue/scissors 4. A/4 Plain white paper.
5. A set of pencils

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