Fashion is a very dynamic industry. This is also seen in the tools and techniques that fashion employs. In contemporary scenarios, fashion has turned to the extensive use of
technology, especially the use of Digital Visual Tools. Fashion designers frequently turn to digital software and application to create illustrations, graphics, prints and more.
Join us for a workshop where you can learn and explore digital media to create 2D designs such as prints and graphics. Experience first-hand how digital media can be utilized in the
fashion landscape.

Materials required: Own Laptop, and trial version of Adobe Photoshop  and Illustrator

What you will learn: After completing the workshop you should be able to:
• Understand the use of various digital tools as alternative of manual drawing
• Explore your fashion graphics by using basic CAD tools
• Understand the basics of image editing for visual presentation.

Date: Friday

Time: 4 PM - 5 PM 

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