Exciting Careers and Future in UIUX

Did you know that you probably spend at least 6 hours and 42 minutes online every day?*

While this is the global average, most Indians spend more than 7 hours on the Internet every day. Alarming but true! The global pandemic has been a major catalyst in the increase of online content consumption on mobile apps and websites.

As this trend continues, the industry will witness a major gap between the demand and supply of UI/UX professionals across the globe. And in the years to come, more and more skilled professionals, will be required to fill this gap.

Do you think you can fit in just right? Do you wish to hone new skill sets in visual design, human-computer interaction, and website design? If yes, you might want to get answers to these and more:

  • What are the skill sets required to be future-ready?
  • What are the key trends shaping the future of UI/UX design?
  • What are the various career prospects in this field?
  • Reason behind the increasing number of designers working in Silicon Valley

Join our Dean of School of Design, award-winning design innovator and User Experience Design Specialist Mr. Tingbin Tang, as he shares insights into the Exciting Careers and Future in UI/UX.


Date: 8th June 2021| Time: 7 PM onwards | Session on zoom

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