Date: 5th April 2019

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 PM 

Note: Registrations open for the Delhi Campus only

Photography – From Passion to a Career
If you CURIOUS about the stories behind the people we meet, about the imperfections that give character to everything, about the smiles and happy children and interesting faces… This is the very curiosity that passions our Life
At Pearl, we don’t just give you an option to explore and learn but also help you create a niche for yourself.

Appropriate attire: dos, don’ts and quick transformation.

Understanding what is appropriate attire for different occasions/professions/context and common mistakes people tend to make. Tweaking outfit, accessories and make-up to achieve the right look/get transformed and recognizing appropriate styling from inappropriate styling.
The Rapid-Fire Room Styling
An extempore workshop challenge of instantly designing and styling a thematic Room from scratch to an artfully curated space by making interesting choices from the elements of design & decor provided on spot.
Wedding Planning
Learn how to spot wedding trends by analyzing the famous weddings of the year.
Fashion Model and choreography
Get hands-on experience on curating a Fashion Show collection.

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