Masterclass with Anuj Sharma

Renowned designer Anuj Sharma of designer label Button masala, conducted a masterclass at Rajouri Garden campus for our fashion design students. The class started with a general discussion about- What is Design? While each student had a different view, designer Anuj Sharma’s opinion was the most refreshing of all and helped the students widen their perspective about design. The one thing that really inspired the students was the interesting design journey of Button masala. The designer encouraged students to use simple, easily available resources for their design collections and gave a demonstration of his design concepts with the use of just fabric, buttons and rubber bands. It was a great experience for the students as they tried incorporating the concept of Button masala and draped stylish garments at the end of the session. The highlights of the masterclass were to be ‘fearless’ and ‘importance of optimum utilization of resources.’

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