Show your love for Mumbai and get a chance to meet ace designer Manish Malhotra at #PearlPortfolio

Manish Malhotra needs no introduction, for he is one of the most inspiring and innovative designers of our generation. From designing the outfits for the leading ladies of Bollywood to being awarded the Indo-American Society Award for his contribution to Fashion Designing, Manish Malhotra has many feathers in his hat. But little is known about his love for the city of Mumbai and how he draws inspirations from the city of dreams. This year, Manish Malhotra will be at Pearl Portfolio doing what Manish does best – judging the final submissions of the graduating batch and felicitating the most awarding ones. But he’s there for a surprise too. He will exchange his ideas, his thoughts and his inspirations that he draws from Mumbai and how that is reflected in his fashion sense with a select few Mumbaikars.

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It’s quite simple! All you need to do is click and share pictures of the most inspiring things in Mumbai. It could be a picture of the iconic landmarks like the Taj hotel, the Gateway of India or marine drive, or an image of the iconic dabbawallahs, or it could be the various street food, or for that matter the ‘kali-peelis’ or the local trains. All you need to do is share these pictures on Pearl Academy’s official Twitter (@PearlAcademyInd), Instagram (@pearlacademy) and Facebook (@PearlAcademyOfficial) handles and tag #MumbaiByDesign to stand a chance to meet Manish Malhotra. The contest ends at 12 pm on 11th May. So, keep your entries flowing!

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Design intervention

To make mumbai a better place

Mumbai is a magnetic epicentre where artists and dreamers converge. Its heart pulsates with culture, complexity, colour and creativity. This 13 million strong mega city is feverishly cosmopolitan yet unmistakably Indian, a confluence of many languages and religions. It is quintessentially modern and characterized by stark extremes that swing from obscenely expensive real estate that stops abruptly before vast expanses of poverty, without batting an eyelid.
India’s most vivacious urban showpiece is also home to Pearl Academy. We were instantly captivated by Mumbai’s multifaceted soul, its people and warm inclusiveness.
“Mumbai by Design” is an expression of gratitude for our fellow Mumbaikars, a love note we crafted for all the familiar sights, streets-corners and vital elements which compose Mumbai and deserve to be celebrated.
We do so with the way we know best- using design thinking to reimagine certain elements of the city that we believe are essential to its spirit.

Simply to spread light and create a positive impact in the world around us, starting from our most immediate spaces. For isn’t that our ultimate goal as creative beings?
We believe that great design is pointless when it isn’t applied into making what we love better.
So we began with Mumbai.

by design
We believe that great design
is pointless when it isn’t applied into
making what we love better.

“It is a great initiative to take ‘Design’ to the masses of Mumbai”

Mrunmayee Deshpande, Actress

“Thank you Pearl Academy for such a kickass initiative”

Sapna Bhavnani, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Artists By Design

I❤mumbai foundation is a Mumbai based NGO founded by Rahul.N.kanal , with the upliftment of society as its organising principle. They are actively beautifying the streets by initiating tree plantation activities, forming medical camps and installing inspirational murals in and around Bandra West. This is done out of love for the city- a Pearl strongly shares.
This shared Mumbaiker-pride has led to an amazing collaboration between Pearl Academy and I ❤Mumbai. Students and NGO will be creating a special canvas in public spaces with the help of any bystander willing to participate. These canvases will be gifted to the public establishments of Mumbai like Hospitals, Police Stations, BMC offices to appreciate the work they do for us.
Come and drop some paint with us!

6th May – Shivaji park, Dadar
7th May – Carter Road, Bandra
We at I❤Mumbai foundation work as a team of youngsters , keeping one motto - Together We Can !!!

Heroes By Design

The Mumbai Tiffin Box Supply Charity Trust was first set up in 1890, when the British still ruled India. The carriers of the city's lunch boxes later became known as the infamous dabbawalas, dabba being the colloquial term for box. This service is iconic to Mumbai and has grown into a sprawling network, the efficiency and popularity of which has won praise from all around the world.
Mumbai by Design pays humble tribute to the local life line for nearly 200,000 Mumbaikars every day. Mumbai wouldn’t be the same with their friendly, prompt deliveries and home-cooked meals.
We have recognised that these dabba wallas experience physical discomfort from precariously balancing food boxes on their head for the entirety of their careers. They have been bearing the weight of these heavy dabbas for decades without remodeling it.
We at Pearl Academy viewed this as a problem that could easily be solved and have been troubled that it hasn’t already been done given the simplicity of the answer !
For this reason, we have lined the traditional hats of Dabbawalas with a simple cushion (sponge) inside it while keeping the same shape and colour. This will be a small attempt to help ease their heavy load.

Foodies By Design

Every Mumbaikar has a special street food outlet they can’t get enough of. Pattis, puris, pavs, you name it. Mumbai is home to a million street food vendors and it’s a sin to visit and not try out the refreshments and snacks they have to offer. Think Mumbai and you can’t help but conjure up images of sweet lassi, fried green chillis, smoking stalls lined with skewered kebabs One of the most important ways of experiencing culture is through food and Mumbai’s selection straight-off-the-streets is irresistible.
We at Pearl decided to honor these vendor as being as integral to the culture and flavour of Mumbai. We decided to design a fun, illustrated apron for these vendors to help them stand out in a crowd and sell their wares better.
Despite this, hygiene remains sorely an issue. Vendors cook without using gloves, handle money using the same hands and leave food lying out in the open for hours. We have acknowledged there being a lack of initiative behind tackling these hygiene issue and this colourful identifying apron as a starting point for this longer conversation.

Responsible By Design

Mumbai is running out of space for its own trash and has been struggling with waste management issues. Surging urban populations and a speeding economy has pushed Mumbai’s infrastructure to breaking point. Mumbai produces nearly 11,000 tonnes of trash every single day. Not all of that winds up in organised locations or even garbage disposal bins! They line the gutters, lie sprawled across public areas and leave behind a foul stench, ruining one’s impression of the city we all love.
Street littering contributes to serious health problems. Rabid dogs flock to gaping garbage pyres which become a breeding ground for disease outbreaks. All of this is clashing terribly with Modi’s vision for a Swachh Bharat.
Pearl wishes to tackle this environmental and health hazard in a pragmatic, yet lively way. We have designed trash cans with colorful illustrations you’re bound to notice, bearing the sign “Ikde Taka” which means “Put it here” in Marathi. This is to encourage people to pay attention to garbage disposal sites, commanding them to do Mumbai a huge favour by using them!

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