Multiple Intelligences


Logical Mathematics

You use and appreciate abstract relations and numbers effectively and are sensitive to logical patterns and relationships, to functions, propositions, and hypotheses. You like experimenting, questioning and reasoning out logical puzzles. You typically solve problems with logic and have a unique way of searching for connections, outlining, categorizing and sequencing.

You are “natural” critical thinkers, and adeptly handle long chains of reasoning. You learn best when provided with opportunities to classify, categorize, and work with abstractions and to experiment. You like to figure things out by asking questions, exploring and finding the order and logic in the content to be learned.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You enjoy working with numbers and can do mental calculations.
  • You can easily balance your checkbook; do the household budget.
  • You are good at analyzing problems and detecting patterns.
  • You like to put together a detailed itinerary for vacations or business trips.
  • You enjoy the challenge of brain teasers or other puzzles that require logical thinking.
  • You tend to find the logical flaws in things people say and do.
  • You take a systematic, step-by-step approach to problem-solving.
  • You understand relationship between cause and effect towards a tangible outcome or result.
  • You need to categorize, group or quantify things to properly appreciate their relevance.
  • You may also like to keep your stuff neat and tidy and write lists before doing things one step at a time.

Visual – Spatial

You are able to perceive visual or spatial information, transform this information, and recreate visual images from memory. You usually learn best by associating words with pictures. You are the kind of person who turns first to graphs, videos, films, charts, maps and pictures in your textbooks, who likes to “web” your ideas before writing a paper, and who would fill the blank space around your notes with intricate patterns. You have very good hand eye coordination with very strong visual memory. You perceive objects accurately and enjoy drawing, designing and looking at pictures. You are especially proficient at imagining, visualization, sensing changes and doing puzzles and mazes. You absorb information using the “mind’s eye”, and by manipulating and working with pictures and images.

You are “natural” critical thinkers, and adeptly handle long chains of reasoning. You learn best when provided with opportunities to classify, categorize, and work with abstractions and to experiment. You like to figure things out by asking questions, exploring and finding the order and logic in the content to be learned.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You have an appreciation of the arts.
  • You tend to make a visual record of events with a camera or camcorder.
  • You find yourself doodling when taking notes or thinking through something.
  • You have no problem reading maps and navigating.
  • You’re quite adept at taking things apart and putting them back together.
  • You often make your point by providing a diagram or drawing.
  • You can visualize how things look from a different perspective.
  • You prefer reading material that is heavily illustrated and notice colors and shapes and visualize pictures in head.
  • You are good with directions and remember places vividly.
  • You are also good at imagining 3 –D objects.


You are able to categorize and catalogue things easily and have a strong affinity to the outside world and environment. You interact closely with nature. You are able to see how things fit together in the larger picture of the world and understand your place in it. You notice patterns easily from your surroundings and have keen sensory skills. You understand the natural world of plants, animals, noticing their characteristics and categorizing them. You have very strong sensory skills – sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. You have keen observation about environmental changes, interconnections and patterns.

Whether you like star-gazing, collecting bugs or rocks, gardening, looking after animals, cooking or even just playing out with friends, these are all ways of being Nature-Smart. You learn best by having the hands-on approach, noticing and using your environment and by spending lot of time outdoors.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You can recognize and name many different types of trees, flowers and plants.
  • You have an interest in and good knowledge of how the body works – where the main internal organs are, for example, and you keep abreast on health issues.
  • You are conscious of tracks; nests and wildlife while on a walk and can ‘read’ weather signs.
  • You could envision yourself as a having a life close to the earth, in nature somehow.
  • You enjoy and have a keen interest in gardening.
  • You have an understanding of, and interest in, the main global environmental issues.
  • You keep reasonably informed about developments in astronomy, the origins of the universe and the evolution of life.
  • You are interested in social issues, psychology and human motivations.
  • You consider that conservation of resources and achieving sustainable growth are two of the biggest issues of our times.
  • You enjoy playing out and going on trips to learn about the animals and the environment.

Some occupations that require strong Naturalist Intelligence include Wildlife Illustrator, Textile/ Interior Stylists, Environment Control, and Veterinary Doctor.

Verbal Linguistic

You communicate and make sense of the world through language. You are good at writing, reading, memorizing dates, thinking in words, enjoy playing with rhymes, pun and always have a story to tell. You love playing word games, quickly acquire other languages—including sign language.

You are articulate, accurate spellers, and avid readers. You often think in words, and learn well by listening to others speak, by reading, writing, and verbalizing. You love to play with language, are good at remembering names, places, dates, and trivia. You like to talk through problems, explain solutions, and ask questions. Sometimes you like to think out loud, (without looking like you’re crazy!) and also probably like doing the crosswords or puzzles in comics and magazines.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You enjoy word play, tongue-twisters, and limericks.
  • You read everything: books, magazines, newspapers, even product labels.
  • You can easily express yourself either orally or in writing, i.e. you’re a good story-teller or writer.
  • You pepper your conversation with frequent references to things you’ve read or heard.
  • You like to do crosswords, play Scrabble or have a go at other word puzzles.
  • In school you prefer subjects such as English, other languages, history and social studies.
  • You may be quite a calm and reasonable person who is a good listener.
  • People sometimes have to ask you to explain a word you’ve used.
  • You can hold your own in verbal arguments or debates.
  • You can readily absorb information from the radio or audio recordings.

Some occupations that require strong Verbal / Linguistic Intelligence include Lawyers, Editors, Brand Managers, Journalists, Politician, Teacher, and Professional peaker.

Bodily – kinesthetic (Body Smart)

Kinesthetic learners benefit from physical experiences such as touching, feeling, holding, doing, and getting practical hands-on experiences. Every one of us is kinesthetic (Body-Smart), but some more than others. You learn best by actively using your body to learn. It is about thinking and feeling through touch and movement, as well as having the skill to enjoy lots of sports and physical activity. You often use all or part of the body to create products or solve problems. You are the kind of person who relishes gym class and school dances, who prefers to carry out school projects by making models rather than writing reports, and who tosses crumbled paper with frequency and accuracy into wastebaskets across the room.

You have a good wisdom of bodily movements and can connect mind and body and would often have a natural sense of how your body would act and react in demanding physical situations.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You’re quite adept at ‘do-it-yourself.’
  • You like to think through problems while engaged in a physical pursuit such as walking or running.
  • You also have very good hand-eye coordination and find it easy to play ball games or balance well.
  • You also manage to pick up the controls to new computer games quite quickly.
  • You are likely to move around a lot, finding the hands-on approach to learning best and enjoying lots of interactivity.
  • You like the most thrilling rides at the fun fair.
  • The most enjoyable classes in school were Physical Education and any handicrafts lessons.
  • You use hand gestures or other kinds of body language to express yourself.
  • You like rough and tumble play with children.
  • You need to tackle a new learning experience ‘hands on’ rather than reading a manual or watching a video.

Some occupations that require strong Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence include Visual Artist, Athletes, Defense, Product Designers and Space Designers.


Musical Intelligence allows you to create, communicate, and understand meanings made out of sound. You are the kind of person who is particularly attracted by the birds singing outside the classroom window or who constantly taps out intricate rhythms on the desk with your pencil. You excel at remembering melody, noticing the rhythms of life, and usually keep perfect time. You are hummers of tunes, singers of songs, probably play an instrument, and often listen to music. You get new information by listening to melodies, writing musical notations, or in using rhythm to master new concepts.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You can manage to sing on key.
  • Usually, you can remember a tune after hearing it just a couple of times.
  • You often listen to music at home and in your car.
  • You frequently hum, whistle or sing to yourself and find you have a jingle or piece of music in your head wherever you go.
  • You find yourself tapping in time to music.
  • You can identify different musical instruments.
  • Theme music or commercial jingles often pop into your head.
  • You can’t imagine life without music.
  • You often whistle or hum a tune.
  • You like a musical background when you’re working.

Some occupations that require strong Musical Intelligence include Event Managers, Singers, Party Planner and Choreographer.

Interpersonal (People Smart)

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to interpret and respond to the moods, emotions, motivations, and actions of others. Interpersonal intelligence also requires good communication and interaction skills, and the ability show empathy towards the feelings of other individuals. You recognize and make distinction about others’ feelings and intentions. You are the kind of person who thrives on small-group work. You tend to notice and react to the mood of your friends and classmates. You tactfully convince the teacher of your need for extra time to complete the homework assignment.

You are almost always with a group of people and have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. You like to talk with others, teach others, and organize, mediate and communicate in group activities. You generally understand people and instinctively know how to work with them. You learn best when given the opportunity to interview others, share ideas, and to cooperate and collaborate to complete any task.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You enjoy working with other people as part of a group or committee.
  • You take great pride in being a mentor to someone else.
  • You prefer team sports, such as basketball, softball, soccer, football to individual sports such as swimming and running.
  • You like games involving other people: bridge, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit.
  • You’re a social butterfly. You would much prefer to be at a party rather than home alone watching television.
  • You may also be able to easily read body language, like being able to tell who fancies who, or if somebody doesn’t like you.
  • You probably are a member of numerous clubs, enjoy playing team games and like to share things.
  • You communicate well with people and can help resolve disputes.
  • You have no hesitation in taking the lead; showing other people how to get things done.
  • You talk over problems with others rather than trying to resolve them by yourself.

Some occupations that require strong Interpersonal Intelligence include Customer Service Managers, Retail Managers, Retail Buyers, Politicians, Branding and Advertising Managers.

Intrapersonal (Self Smart)

You are particularly determined and can work well with personal deadlines and goals. You may sometime shy away from others and find it easier to work alone and quietly, but it is likely that you will be strong in one or two more intelligences. You are really good at knowing how you are feeling and how you may react to certain situations in the near future.

You are also a determined character who might not be as at risk to peer pressure, and you probably have a good idea of your own strengths and weaknesses and what you would like to be when you’re older. Perhaps you like to set yourself personal goals, or you might have a hobby that you like to keep to yourself. You use art, drama, music or writing a diary or online-Blog to express your inner feelings and also use your other intelligences well and capitalize on your strengths. You are aware of your weaknesses and are thoughtful about the decision and choices you make.

Your Personality Profile –

  • You are an independent thinker – you know your own mind, make up your own mind.
  • You often spend ‘quiet time’ reflecting on the important issues in your life.
  • You have set your own goals – you know where you’re going.
  • You like to go on outings by yourself, like fishing or taking a solitary hike. You’re happy with your own company. You are pretty independent and are happy spending time alone.
  • You may find it easier to learn by thinking and working quietly on your own somewhere.
  • Your idea of a good vacation is an isolated hilltop cabin rather than a five-star resort and lots of people.
  • You have a realistic idea of your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • You have attended self-improvement workshops or been through some kind of counseling to learn more about yourself.
  • You work for yourself – or have seriously thought of “doing your own thing.”

Some occupations that require strong Intrapersonal Intelligence include Event Managers, Entrepreneurs, Luxury Brand Managers, Design Thinkers, Publicity and PR Experts.