The Pre-Semester Learning is an eight-weeks, tailor-made program for the new batch of 2020. It is divided into four immersive, multi-disciplinary modules that’ll help you kickstart your creative journey at Pearl Academy. Students can join anytime within the eight weeks of the program, starting from 1st of July and get an exclusive preview to Learning@Pearl. Each week is mutually exclusive, so that no one misses the fun way of learning at any stage, irrespective of when they get themselves enrolled. Pre-semester learning at Pearl Academy will be conducted online from July 1, 2020 to August 29, 2020.

Here are the modules:

Around the world in 60 days

Around the World in 60 days is a line-up of provocative and thought leading webinars for fresher’s that will unfold up-close conversations with acclaimed speakers while addressing three paralleling core values of our society at large- Collaborate, Preserve and Innovate.

The conversations will examine the three values through various contexts like Tradition and Heritage, Environmental Change, Sustainability, Rural and Urban communal aspects, Multi-Cultural and Global perspectives, New Technology breeding new opportunities.

Leading voices from the world of Art, Culture, Design, Media and Business will be roped in to interact with the students and widen the perspectives of the student.

List of speakers:

Basia Szkutnicka - Educationist

Ashwin Sanghi - Writer

Bobbi Brown – Make up Artist

Jasline Ang - Expert Advisor, Louis Vuitton

Rajiv Masand - Journalist

Raveena Tandon - Actor

Nachiket Barve - Designer

RJ Sarthak – Radio Jockey

Himanshu Shani - Designer

Alexandra Mor - Creative Director, Vogue Italia

Barkha Dutt - Journalist

Mira Nair – Director

Whose class is it now?

This module is designed to enable the creative aspirants to think independently, speculate on visual/oral/documented information and make individualistic expressions/inferences based on their inherent strengths integrating popular technology.Inspiring personalities will be introduced each week to trigger the process of thinking and creating.

Students will learn through:

  • Peer-friendliness and healthy competition
  • Integrating popular technology in learning
  • Thinking & Expressing independently

Create a new world

Creating a New World will embed playful learning and engagement in the freshers of 2020-21 in a gamified way. Knowing that students will be joining us from diverse directions of educations and multiple locations, the module will aim to bring in the factors of Planning, Collaboration and Expression in the students.

Journey of creating a new world will head start with a narrative, where student will be hearing a prophecy. Taking the inspiration from NOAH, the students will be asked to be in charge of making a new world. The creation of new world would be divided within eight weeks, with one task per week.

Carrying forward the idea of playful learning and Pearl Experience each week’s task will focus on building key skills such as Imagination, Trends, Planning, and Communication.

Platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. will be used as a tool for completion of task along with BB Collaborate. Students will be awarded with badges for completing their tasks successfully each week.

Socially Plugged

Socially plugged is designed to facilitate social connection between the students. The new batch will get to interact with Pearl teachers, senior students, and alumni to discuss what it is like being in Pearl Academy.

Students can look forward to a series of fun-filled activities including concerts and talent shows followed by a Fresher’s Party where the President and Deans will felicitate some of freshers for their creativity, collaborative spirit and high engagement, across the program.

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