Advertising & Graphics

Delhi | Mumbai
  • Duration : 11 months (Weekdays, 8:30 - 13:00; Mon to Fri)
  • Eligibility : 10+2
  • Validation : Pearl Academy
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11 month professional program is designed for professionals who are looking to develop their communication skills and gain essential knowledge regarding digital graphic designing  tools and techniques. Participants will learn to create effective visual communications in a project-based curriculum. In the first semester, students will learn software skills as they develop their understanding of design principles for visual media. They will focus on image creation with graphics and photography, and how it is applied to a range of distribution channels. In the second semester, students will develop skills for research techniques in marketing and branding, motion graphics and mixed media production for application in independent projects. The program combines a studio practice with lectures, workshops, seminars, and citywide activities in the profession of digital media production and graphic design.


    I love typography and obsessed with everything related to it! TypeRiot is an online community of typographers, calligraphers and hand letterers from across the globe. It serves as a public space to get inspired, learn and move forward in your artistic journey. This project brings a community driven marketplace to thousands of TypeRiot's creative members where they can create and sell their typographic wonders to the world.


    IMPRINTS is an app that helps document the beautiful and unique experience of bringing in a new life into this world and the everlasting imprints of pregnancy. It creates a sense of nostalgia for the child, parents, extended family and friends who can cherish this journey for years to come.


    Angdezi is a fashion design and manufacturing house, which brings together an unmatched richness and artistic excellence combined with creative usage of local embellishments and contemporary prints. This is a branding and promotion design project to bring to fore the high quality and unique style of Angdezi. The brand has also chosen to go digital, and is introducing it’s collection online for the very first time.


    You First is a mobile application that lets new moms tackle postpartum in a better way. The name you first suggests that the new mother should take care of themselves first in order to take good care of the child. The application urges new moms to move towards a healthier lifestyle. It lets you read content curated by bloggers and gynecologists for postpartum period. We suggests you healthy food to regain nutrients in your body after delivery. We help you take one step at a time and help you regain your strength and stamina.


    Pain passes in and out, just like the intertwined threads of embroidery, and leaves a mark on the fabric of our lives. Our stories are stitched in time, and this series is my attempt to illustrate my struggles with depression, and how it has coloured my vision. This poetic journey has been a catharsis that has allowed me to translate my emotions onto the canvases.


    BRB is a socially responsible brand that brings your organic waste back to you in a new avataar. We give life to organic waste by turning it into natural skin care products, good for you and for the environment. So, we brought back the Tea from that morning trek, Coffee from that awkward date, and Orange peels from that god-knows-which-diet and with the help of Tihar jail communities turn them all into magic potions for your skin like body butters, face masks, lim balms etc. It’s never enough, never late or never too small to make an impact! And we believe in it. See you on the better side.


    The MUG HUGS is a unique café experience where young teenage girls come together to share their loneliness, anxiety and restlessness with their peers. The branding and service aims at providing them with a space where they feel loved and cherished away from the pressures of society.


    Virtual reality is the new way to encourage, support and simulate skill-based learning. J.D. Interactive is a VR based Machine Training Programme for a steel company, to help the employees train for the future, and learn for life.


    'Woman on the Hill' is a docufiction exploring love, its complications and beauty through relationships like Polyamory and Polygamy. Narrated in a Poetic and Performative style, the film travels from a metropolitan city to the rural recesses of Himachal Pradesh to understand multifaceted nature of relationships.


    Though the human race has evolved genetically, but deep within we are loosing the art of understanding one another. With such fast changing time, we are not able to evolve psychologically, our psyche is just not able to cope up. Before we judge or make a comment on someone, we must remember the fact that we are all human beings. This Documentary Communicates the fact that each one of us is fighting our own battles in some way or the other. It is a process to help understand people who are different yet very similar in their basic human nature and all they seek is the inclusiveness.


    BOND. LEARN. CHERISH Grand Squad is a community where grandparents and grandchildren come together to celebrate and rejoice in learning from each other. Through my research, I found that numerous families living in the Urban Areas of India, take help from grandparents in looking after the grandchildren mostly because both parents are working or because of other contemporary issues like the demise of a partner or separation. Additionally, I found that grandchildren are spending time with grandparents yet this time is not engaging enough. Therefore, I decided to develop an idea of a Community where grandparents and grandchildren could bond and spend time together constructively. Space where they could take joy and feel encouraged in acquiring some exhilarating and creative skills through playful and joyful activities.


    Communicon is a communication board which is an alternative and augmentative form of communication for people who recently have suffered from communication disorders and have become speech impaired. This method of communication helps them form sentences and communicate with their loved ones through icons.


    MATCH UP here, is trying to help kids with Down's Syndrome in their physical and mental disabilities. The game is trying to refine a few skills like Motor Skills, helps with obesity, matching up skills, works on their patience and helps them with a little speech therapy. The key to this game is simplicity. The game is printed on flex and has other deliverables like placards, a dice and a book which helps the guide and the players play the game better. With my game I'm trying to help and initiate the lack in market for these children.


    Inter-culture in the same family can be a matter of turmoil. Duand is the story of a daughter with a secret. The movie illustrates the conflict between the idealogies of a daughter and her mother, sharing the same space but worlds apart. Will the daughter ever share her secret?

Nikita Aggarwal

Nikita Aggarwal

Joining Pearl after dropping a year after 12th really changed my life. I had self-doubts since I was weak in sketching but Pearl boosted my morale and taught me how to do it. It has transformed me into a confident person who is filled with positive energies and creative ideas. I feel lucky to be a part of Pearl family.

Luv Sharma

Luv Sharma

Making the decision to pursue Communication Design from Pearl Academy has proven to be a splendid choice in hindsight. The institute offers a very well balanced learning experience with its contemporary curriculum and lots of real-world escapades. I had prodigious expectations from Pearl Academy, and I am proud to say that it has surpassed all of them. Be it the amazing faculty that is ever present to guide us, the flagship machines that we have or the industry exposure the institute of offers, it is simply unparalleled in every regard. It has truly been a delightful experience to be at Pearl Academy.