Digital Photography

Delhi | Jaipur | Mumbai
  • Duration :11 Months, Weekend (24 sessions)
  • Eligibility : Open to all
  • Validation : Pearl Academy
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Pearl Academy has launched a special programme in photography for all age groups – ‘Digital Photography’ as a ‘weekend program.’ No previous knowledge about Photography is required. It is open to everyone who has the passion and desire to learn digital photography.

Topics that you will learn
  • Know your DSLR camera, Composition & aesthetics, Lighting techniques, Portraiture, Landscapes, Architecture, Interiors, Fashion, Travel, essentials of Photoshop for photographers.
  • Learning about photography starts with knowing your camera module followed by composition techniques and understanding light. And then you will be introduced to various genres as above. Few workshops on essentials of photoshop will be conducted to increase your technical skills and learn image manipulations.
  • A special workshop on fashion & beauty photography will be an interesting feature, as that will train you in setting up and staging a shoot.
  • With a variety of theory and practical, these topics will be delivered in a fun and enthusiastic style. By the end of the program, you will be a confident photographer who could capture well-composed shots in specific genres.
  • Canon photo mentors will be training you and leading your program to ensure the best portfolio from each one of you enrolled.