PR and Events

Delhi | Mumbai
  • Duration :1 Year
  • Eligibility :Graduate in any discipline
  • Validation :Pearl Academy
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This program in PR and Events is a full-time program. The aim of the course is to provide holistic learning to students through a process driven by a blend of theoretical and practical experience to function, strategize and render services to the PR and event management industry. This program is designed to impart skills in practical aspects that include market/audience research and analysis, campaign development, event image and design, media relations, crisis management, and communication ethics. This PG diploma program focuses on developing business acumen through designing of apt market surveys, writing news releases, producing public service announcements, conducting news conferences, and designing web pages for PR. This program is designed to acquire an understanding of the role and purposes of events in organizations and of the techniques and strategies required to plan successful special events.

Trimester 1
Module 1 : Introduction to Event Management

This module will help you to understand concepts of event management and appreciate the planning of events.

Module 2 : Aesthetics and Design

This module is designed to understand the concepts of aesthetics and design, apply the concepts of creative thinking and enable you to plan events aesthetically with special attention to detailing.

Module 3 : Introduction to PR and Promotion

It will allow you to explore how PR can enable organizations to achieve marketing and corporate objectives

Module 4 : Visual and Corporate communication

This module will familiarize you with the advanced applications of computer like word processing, spreadsheets, computer aided visual presentations graphic software and integration of these applications.

Trimester 2
Module 5: Event Production

This module includes the pre-production checklists, event logistics, layout and design. It will further ready you to organize special events such as weddings, conferences, corporate events.

Module 6: Event Crew and Team Management

This module will help you understand team dynamics and the importance of team building. module will

Module 7: Entrepreneurship

This module will provide you with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings and framework.

Module 8: Media Planning and PR Planning

This module will introduce marketing communication methods – Advertising, Public Relations, Events, etc. and establish the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Trimester 3
Industry Project

In this module, you will get an opportunity to engage in original contribution putting together achieved leanings and applying it to an empirical solution. You will engage in complex problem solving innovatively and creatively.

  • Students worked with stage production team at Ranthambore Festival
  • Students worked at the launch of India Today Mind Rocks 2016 event
  • Students have been working year on year with Magnetic Fields Music Festival

Sana Jhamb, Student of PDPRE batch 2015-16

Sana Jhamb, Student of PDPRE batch 2015-16

About the experiences that we have received, like Magnetic Fields Music Festival which is one of India’s biggest music festival, and working for the festival was a really big opportunity, not only this we also got other opportunities like working for WDC, Dalmia’s wedding, and Asin’s & Rahul Sharma’s wedding. These were all great opportunities and thanks to Pearl for giving us all these opportunities. I am very glad to be a part of Pearl and thanks to my faculties for always being so supportive.