Whos Next Scholarship

How do we solve the challenges of the century? What’s the next innovation and where is it going to come from? Are you the one who knows answers to what’s next on the horizon?

We are looking for the next set of top creative minds. It could be you! Win up to 100% scholarship at Pearl Academy.


Pearl Academy applicants of Academic Year 2023 are eligible for the Who’s Next Scholarship. Applicants are not required to apply for the Scholarship separately.

Selection Process

This is a merit-based scholarship. Applicants will be offered the Who’s Next Scholarship based on their performance in the Pearl Entrance Exam which includes Written Exam, Personal Interview, and Portfolio Showcase. Please note that though we encourage students to build their portfolio, it is not mandatory for Who's Next Scholarship.

How to Apply

Apply for a creative course at www.pearlacademy.com

Appear for the entrance exam: General Proficiency Test, Aptitude Test, Personal Interview, and Portfolio Showcase. It is not mandatory to showcase a Portfolio during the Personal Interview round of the Pearl Entrance Examination.

Pearl Academy Who’s Next Scholarship Policy for AY 2023

“The terms and conditions outlined herein (“Terms and Conditions”), shall govern use of SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM at Pearl Academy.
By participating in the scholarship program, the student concerned (User) agrees as follows: -

The Scholarship Program named “Who’s Next” is Merit Scholarship for India’s Top Creative Minds.

  1. Who will get a Scholarship
    All students who have applied for admission to Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses, have taken the Pearl Academy entrance examination, and have met the following stated criteria shall be eligible for consideration for this scholarship. Applicants should meet the following criteria

    a. Should have qualified for the Pearl Academy Entrance exam.
    b. Should have completed class 12th by July 2023.
    c. Should be a resident of India.

    However, this Scholarship shall be awarded only to those students who have complied with the below-defined Scholarship Criteria for the first year and subsequent renewal, if applicable.

  2. Scholarship Criteria
    Eligibility criteria & Assessment

    a. All applicants of Pearl Academy in all UG & PG programs of the Academic Year 2023 are eligible for the Scholarship. Applicants are not required to apply for the Scholarship separately.
    b. This is a merit-based scholarship. Applicants will be offered the Scholarship based on their performance in the Pearl Entrance Exam which includes a Written Exam & Personal Interview.
    c. The scholarship will be awarded only basis pearl entrance exam and not for any other exam.

    The Scholarship for New Entrance of AY 2023 will begin in January examination Cycle 2023 and ends as soon as allocated seats for scholarships are filled. This is Merit Scholarship provided by Pearl Academy to the studentsstudying at Pearl Academy only. We do not provide scholarships to enable students to study at other institutions.

  3. Scholarship Renewal Criteria
    Scholarship waives payment of tuition fees for the entire duration of the course. However, the scholarship will only be continued in the subsequent years subject to the student/awardee maintaining prescribed standards of achievement as stated below:-
    UG & PG Courses:
    • Awardee must have a minimum of 75% of attendance each year; and
    • Awardee must clear every semester with no backlog
    • No disciplinary proceedings against the awardee; and
    • The Scholarship will be discontinued in case an awardee fails to maintain the prescribed academic standards of achievement in the subsequent year. For clarity, Applicant shall not be eligible to apply for any future year scholarship under this category, if in any year applicant fails to comply with Renewal Criteria.

  4. Scholarship Benefits
    The scholarship will be provided in a range from 20% to 100% on tuition fees for the entire program duration (If renewed for the subsequent year), at the sole discretion of Pearl Academy subject to the Scholarship scheme prevailing at the relevant time.

  5. Scholarship will be given in the form of Fee Concession; Fee Discount; or Fee Waiver on tuition fees only. The percentage of the Fee Concession; Fee Discount; Fee Waiver on Tuition fees shall be at the sole discretion of Pearl Academy.

  6. Applicants who have not qualified or attended the Pearl Academy Entrance exam, will be disqualified for the Scholarship.

  7. It is the responsibility of the applicants to check their eligibility before submitting their entries. In case the applicant is found non-eligible at any stage, his/her submission will be disqualified.

  8. Decision of the Examination office will be final regarding the shortlisted candidates and cannot be challenged.

  9. Awarded scholarships can’t be exchanged for cash/cheque or transferred to any other course or campus or academic year etc. The scholarship amount will be adjusted against student fees.

  10. The Result shall be communicated to all offered applicants through email & results will also be available on the website.

  11. Reserves the right to withdraw or amend any listed scholarship without prior notification and at any point in time at its sole discretion.

  12. If scholarship-selected students choose to decline admission to the selected course offer, said students’ scholarships shall become void ab-initio. In case of withdrawal, the scholarship granted shall get withdrawn & refund shall be granted as per the normal fee structure

  13. A student will be eligible for the award of only one type/scheme of Scholarship in a given Academic Year


  1. Not withstanding anything under this Scholarship Scheme, Pearl Academy’s Management has sole discretion to edit, modify, change, update, continue or abandon this Scholarship going forward at any given point in time, without any prior written intimation. Pearl Academy will be the final deciding authority for all scholarship decisions
  2. There is no concept of automatic renewal for next year. The Pearl Academy shall decide every year on a case-to-case basis, subject to the Scholarship Scheme, if prevailing at the relevant time.
  3. Please note that this communication is without prejudice to any rights of Pearl Academy and this communication should not be considered as waiver of any rights of Pearl Academy in applicants’ favour.

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