Course - Overview

The growing broadcast industry (especially television sector) and the film industry is another factor fuelling the celebrity culture and thereby demands for styling and image design professionals. There is a rise in the overall consciousness of not just celebrities and social icons but also brands and product promotions. Fast growing economy with global exposure & awareness coupled with enhanced buying power has translated into a conscious indulgence in beauty, health and fashion at deeper levels of society, with the key driver of enhancing one’s personality, brand, product and the overall image. With this exponential growth in the above industries, the need for trained Fashion Stylists is increasing. Styling is becoming very professional and the industry is looking for professionals who understand Fashion and the right kind of styling required by different industries. Stylists for celebrities, print media and specialists who can style merchandise for E Commerce sites are in high demand. Personal stylists are also being sought after by a number of people. Corporates are looking for people to help their employees dress right so as to project the right image.


Image and Identity; Fashion Cultures and Historical Studies; Visual Inquiry and Investigation; Evolution of Fashion; Beauty & Identity; Cultural Studies; Fashion Visualisation; Designing Images

Garment Appreciation; International Lap experience/ Industry Project; Personal Styling; Advanced Editorial/New Media Styling/ Commercial Styling; Professional Practice; Portfolio; Final Project

Students' Work

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Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Fashion Editorial Stylist

  • Retail clothing brands

  • Print media

  • Electronic media

  • Corporate & organizations

  • Trend Forecasting Agencies

  • Fashion or entertainment Media

  • Fashion Magazine

  • E-Commerce Portals I Commercial Stylists

  • Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Corporate Trainers

  • Image Designers

  • Personal Shoppers

  • Social Media Managers

  • Fashion Show stylist

  • Celebrity Stylist

  • Image Consultant