Course - Overview

The Indian Apparel industry has undergone many changes, with rapid expansion that has caused this industry to become increasingly organised and competitive. Organisations have specific goals and objectives, with each professional being expected to contribute to the bottom line. The process of sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and retailing fashion garments is a highly specialised one.

This program aims to equip the students with a broad range of competencies suitable for employment in India’s fashion industry. The fashion industry requires a deep and intensive knowledge of fashion products, management pedagogy, business skills and e-commerce. The course aims to enable students to either be independent entrepreneurs or be employable in the business of fashion and lifestyle. To service the fashion and lifestyle industry effectively, there are four key areas where there needs to be an enhanced focus. One is the ability to understand the changing needs of the markets, the second is an understanding of the organisation and its relationship with the environment, and the third is the strategic understanding of various fashion products. In this course, theory and application-based problem-solving methods are employed to deliver these specialised skills.

This course transforms students into trained professionals who later play the roles of buyers, category managers, and retail operation managers. These operations are essential to all manufacturers, brands, and retailers. Recent developments in the industry demand that future professionals understand and handle the new format of marketing, which is rapidly becoming digital. Hence, this course has added learnings where the students will acquire additional skills to be tech-savvy and develop the ability to handle emerging online consumers and adapt social marketing trends. Students are exposed to the fashion business industry by means of various domestic industry trips within the country, MasterClasses by the who’s who of the industry called ‘Inspire Series – A talk by celebrity,’ and live industry projects. This will ensure that the student experiences a smooth transition from the classroom to a corporate environment.


Semester 1
Business Communications | Fashion Industry Appreciation | Understanding People and Organisations | Marketing Research

Semester 2
Fundamentals of Management | Retailing & Visual Merchandising | Marketing Fundamentals | Product Merchandising

Semester 3
Customer Experience Management | Fashion Value Chain Management | Accounting for Decision Making | Fashion and Lifestyle Products | Digital Marketing Communication Tool | Global Consumer and Trends

Semester 4
Ile | Lip

Semester 5
Advertsing and Sales Promotions | E-commerces | Entrepreneurship | Retail Environment

Semester 6
Major Project | Professional Practice

Students' Work

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Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Marketing Managers

  • Visual Merchandisers

  • Store Manager/Store Assistant Manager

  • Merchandising Specialists

  • Production Managers

  • Fashion Buyers

  • Marketing Executive