Course - Overview

"This fashion styling course in India covers 3 areas of styling (Personal, Editorial and Commercial) and is designed in a way that allows a student to identify his/her area of interest within styling. Learning modules included in the programme will enable the course taker to be adept with the necessary skills needed in the fashion industry, skills such as photography, video making and editing and make-up.
Being one of the best fashion styling courses, the course is structured in a staggered approach with the first phase of the course focusing on academic and basic learning of fashion concepts such as image design, development, digital fashion design as well as social media. In the middle phase, course takers are engaged beyond academic boundaries through Industry visits and interaction with industry experts. Towards the end of the course, cross-course learning and interdisciplinary learning is promoted through hands-on independent projects with reputed fashion labels and brands"

The course follows a staggered approach within the learning pathway in distinct levels of subject complexity and differentiated areas of specialization to a diverse background with the aim to inculcate the capacity, the drive, and the value-based professional competence to address varied situations in the world of work that can be transformed into added business value, in its students.

At the initial level, it facilitates the in-depth learning of various aspects related to Fashion styling such as style visualization & editing, Image design & development, Make over, Digital fashion styling and social media etc. The practice of engaging the students in live experiences is started at the basic level so that a fair mix of the theoretical, digital and the practical is rolled into the learning provision. The ability of the students shall extend from concept development from ideation, story/look realization, integrating theme, brand image, trends and influence application and production feasibility.

During the middle phase of the course, the students are given opportunities to experience learning beyond the Academy boundaries, through interactions with Experts in design and art related fields and well known Professionals from fashion styling, image design, media, blogging and grooming industry. They are exposed through industry visits to fashion studios, hair styling & make-up boutiques, advertising firms, photography & film studios and fashion retail markets to understand the context of their learning and its ultimate application.

Towards the higher level of the course, provision to develop independent learning and cross-course interaction – interdisciplinary learning is promoted through Independent projects that will enable the students to graduate as highly competent professionals capable of decision-making as well as hands-on competencies suited to the Fashion labels and Brands, Retail clothing brands, Print media, Electronic media, Corporate & organizations ,Forecasting Agencies, Fashion or entertainment Media, Enterprise . Students during the entire course get hands on experience on how the world fashion and communication system works and evolves. They are offered the opportunity to explore and understand how various media like photography, makeup and hair, graphics and video manipulation can articulate messages in Fashion. They will also be exposed to the importance of marketing and promotion that are the backbone of the current global fashion industry.


Natural & Built Environment; Body & It's Extension; Design Abilities 1; Immersion Lab 1; Culture, History & Narratives; Identity, Memory & Imaginations; Design Abilities 2; Immersion Lab 2

Styling 101; Design Milestones; Design of Materials; Styling Vs Advertising; Digital Storytelling; Visual Vocabulary; Brand Moods; Fashion Futures

Application of Social Media Tools; Cultural Studies; International Experience Lab; Live Industry Project; Brand Spaces; Styling Deconstructed; Advanced Editorial; Creative Direction

Video Making & Post Production; Design Research; Image & Identity; Investigate, Innovate, Implement; Portfolio Development; Professional Practice; Major Project


Our faculty members are the strongest pillars of our 28 years of creative impact. These mentors are life-long learners, eager to dedicate their lives to create a change for a better tomorrow. They nurture creative minds and bring out the best in them over the years. Every student at Pearl is transformed into extraordinary leaders with the help of their support, guidance and mentoring. They and our students together make us who we are. Take a look at these geniuses.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

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  • Fashion labels and Brands

  • Retail clothing brands

  • Print media

  • Electronic media

  • Corporate & organizations

  • Trend Forecasting Agencies

  • Fashion or entertainment Media

  • Fashion Magazine

  • E-Commerce Portals

  • Costume Design

  • Commercial Stylists

  • Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Corporate Trainers

  • Image Designers

  • Personal Shoppers

  • Social Media Managers

  • Fashion Show stylist

  • Celebrity Stylist

  • Image Consultant

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