Course - Overview

A combination of fashion styling, image design and visual communication makes this a

first-of-its kind program. In a time of social media and high value branding, students learn

the intricacies of personal styling, clientele aspirations, social engagements and

application to varied professional spaces. With national and international exposure to

events, industry consultants, fashion trend mapping students are encouraged to develop

an understanding of art and aesthetics, communication culture, society and politics.

There’s also an emphasis on proposing new ways of social engagement to encourage

innovative mindset.

The study of photography, film, make-up and hair design and art direction allows students

to present visual information clearly and with ease. From magazine editorials to shoots for

brand look books and e-commerce, students can deliver products to a consumer in a

coherent manner that is aligned with the brand DNA. The study of character, costume and

context enables students to work successfully on costumes for film, television and theatre.


Foundation Year

Semester 3
Design Milestones | Styling 101 | Design of Materials | Styling Vs Advertising

Semester 4
Visual Vocabulary | Digital Story Telling | Brands Mood | Fashion Futures

Semester 5
Design Research | Video Making and Post Production | Image and Identity | Investigate Innovate Implement

Semester 6
Cultural Studies | Application of Social Media | Ile | Lip

Semester 7
Problem Setting | Business Tools for Stylist | Specialized Studio | Specialised Project

Semester 8
Professional Practice | Portfolio | Major Project


An Italian origin fashion designer, he has lived and studied out of England which helped him develop an eclectic signature, accuracy for details, and a new-age approach to design. His curiosity and aptitude to learn about the various facets of design have allowed him to win two prestigious competitions, namely the 2003 Award as the "Young Designer Of The Year" in Bristol and the 2008 Award of being an "Emerging Talent In Rome.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Fashion Editorial Stylist

  • Stylist for a Magazine

  • Commercial Stylist

  • E-commerce Stylist

  • Costume Stylist for TV and Film

  • Costume Designer for TV and Film

  • Personal Stylist

  • Spatial Stylist

  • Visual Merchandiser

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Food Stylist

  • Visual Story teller

  • Creative Director

  • Stylist for Events

  • Brand Stylist