Course - Overview

Luxury Brand Management programme offers a holistic understanding of the developed luxury markets and the application of marketing, sales, and retail concepts in rapidly emerging markets like India.

In this Undergraduate (UG) in Global Luxury Brand Management course, students would learn about competitive strategy, managing multi-brands, anthropology of luxury consumption, branding experience, understanding markets and consumers, pricing for brand building, etc.

The industry-centric curriculum and real-life projects, undertaken both in India and affiliate international partners, help students gain an in-depth knowledge of the entire gamut of the luxury industry in significantly distinctive markets.


India is one of the fastest-growing luxury markets in the world. The size of the Indian luxury market is expected to grow from the current US $30 billion to more than $200 billion in 2030.

Over the next decade, the luxury segment is well poised to see growth through economic development, greater connectedness, and policy reforms, all of which will offer a plethora of opportunities for luxury companies to serve young, affluent, connected, and confident Indian consumers. (

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