Date: 27th September 2019
Time: 8:30 AM
Venue: Delhi (Rajouri Campus) Pearl Academy - Eros Building District Centre, Rajouri Garden New Delhi

21st Century Teacher Workshop
For a future ready faculty that prepares students for opportunities of tomorrow.


1. Design Thinking
How to develop design thinking skills in learners


  • To understand the three components of creativity - Creative thinking skills + Motivation + Expertise
  • To apply Dekho-Socho-karo (empathy, ideation, experimentation) framework and deck of cards for implementing the same.

2. Investing in Future ready skills
How to develop 21st century skills in high school learners


  • To design learning tools and assessment tools that build high order skills in learners (problem solving skills, collaborative skills, crisis management, mentoring, enterprising)
  • To understand importance of EQ in 21st century

3. Re-Invention Through Reflection
how teachers can use simple thinking skills to develop self


  • To understand importance of reflection in developing one's teaching style.
  • To apply KOLB's cycle in a collaborative self-help group.
  • To self-start a PDP portfolio (digital)

4. Engaging the challengers
How to engage learners through interactive and fun classrooms


  • To understand learners who are difficult to be engaged in classrooms
  • To develop deep engagement skills in own teaching style (NVC, RAAS, collaborative learning, multiple intelligences, engaging activities)
  • To Benchmark with global standards of students' achievements

5. Leaders of Learning
How leaders and managers can transform systems and processes for deeper learning atmosphere


  • To define quality of education
  • To Integrate administrative systems and academic processes to enhance students' learning experience
  • To build cohesion in group-think (entire team's vision)