Creative Kickstart – School of Contemporary Media

Welcome to Creative Kickstart – the perfect refreshing start to help you understand everything you need to know about creative courses.

What’s Creative kickstart?

An online session that will help you get insights into your course through a one-on-one interaction with mentors and faculty, exciting videos on the curriculum and life at Pearl, and intriguing workshops that will help you hone a new skill set related to your area of interest.

What should you look forward to?

  • Meeting a career advisor who will guide you through this exciting journey
  • Hearing the Dean’s message on Life@Pearl
  • Getting clarity on your course curriculum and difference between courses from the Head of Department
  • Attending an intriguing workshop of your choice
  • Access to exclusive course specific content on our Mobile app
  • Certificate from Pearl Academy on completion of the session


04 Mar , Thurs | 4 PM

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1.Make Your Own Reel

We live in a reel world, where giving the focused, creative, entertaining and engaging video content is the most effective way of communication in a crisp 15-30 seconds format on Instagram. learning the right skills and understanding the flow, concept, correct music usage and correct pictures is the first step. This workshop will make you understand the first few most important steps to know the visual communication on Social media through Instagram reels.

Materials Required
Laptop or phone with camera and a stable internet connection.



2.Citizen Journalism

Being a citizen journalist means knowing that your voice can make a difference. This workshop will guide you to the basics of new age journalism. A few simple guidelines can make all the difference when it comes to stating the facts and getting the facts to the people.

Materials Required
Laptop/Stable internet connection


3. How to make your Advertising campaigns go Viral?


This workshop will introduce candidates to the exciting world of advertising campaigns. Five viral and inspiring digital advertising campaigns will be discussed as cases and what made them go viral.

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