Future of Product Design

The Product Design industry has witnessed a huge shift in trends, scope and career opportunities. With the rapid digital transformation and increasing use of technology in developing products, there are added opportunities in the space. AI-enabled digital tools are said to support a new generation of sustainable products.

So, what’s in store for the 2020s? Will AI and machine learning make design even easier? Will designers need to shift from traditional practices to more sustainable and technology driven design thinking? How does one prepare for this ever-evolving industry?


Let’s find out in our special session with renowned Global strategist, Inventor, Designer, and Engineer Mark Bickerstaffe - Co-Founder Mark & May Pvt. Ltd., Former RDD Director, Dyson, Former New Product Dev & Design Director, Kohler.


Key Highlights:

  • Future of Product Design
  • Scope and added opportunities in the 2020s
  • Insights into the speaker’s extensive design journey
  • Understanding the role of designers in meeting customer needs


30th June | 6 PM

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